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Major Trauma Group are a network of law firms whose solicitor members recognise that people who have suffered serious injury, can sometimes be left without appropriate support and legal advice after hospital.

As a network of personal injury solicitors throughout England and Wales, Major Trauma Group have the local knowledge to match the legal expertise required for a compensation claim that supports the injured person’s rehabilitation.

The Major Trauma Group’s overriding objectives are to secure, by providing exceptional legal advice, the resources to optimise clients’ health recovery through access to rehabilitation and support alongside maximising compensation and long-term financial security. This is provided by a national group of highly experienced solicitors who specialise in the area of major trauma and its consequences.

In achieving this, our work reduces the burden on the NHS’ finances and stretched resources and at the same time, recovers valuable funds under the NHS injury cost recovery scheme.

We focus on improving rehabilitation outcomes and quality of life by using our extensive legal experience and complex injuries expertise to provide first-class legal support.

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It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

"Better rehabilitation leads to a better outcome..."

People holding hands while waiting outside a major trauma centre emphasising the support for people living with major trauma injuries

...We're here to help you get that better outcome.

The Major Trauma Group is a collective of legal and health professionals, supporting people who have suffered major trauma as a result of an accident caused by the negligence of another party.

Group members provide access to a wide range of specialist legal services, extending beyond claiming compensation for injury or loss.

All personal injury specialists focus on rehabilitation, improving outcomes and quality of life.

Our members take a collaborative approach with insurers, underpinned by a deep knowledge of the health and social care pathways. They provide support pre and post hospital discharge, facilitated by accessing insurance payments via the personal injury claims process.

After a serious injury, why do I need rehabilitation, and when should it begin?

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, Ian McMurdie, highlights why Major Trauma Group solicitors focus on early rehabilitation as an integral part to gaining the best outcomes for personal injury claimants.

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In a survey of over 1000 GPs, 88% believe that injured people who have easy access to legal advice and services will have a better chance of a better recovery. It makes sense. The last thing you should be focusing on when you’re injured is work, how to pay bills, how you will pay for childcare, what if the worst happened, will my family be supported, how is my relationship going to survive this?
And yet those concerns will be foremost.

We remove those worries and make sure the injured person focuses on one thing, their recovery.

A brighter future

Specialist support on the many financial and legal issues arising from your injuries and affecting your recovery. Our legal experts work on providing the best outcome from any compensation claim to aid your rehabilitation.

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