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The Major Trauma Group was formed in the Spring of 2020 as a not for profit Community Interest Company.

The Major Trauma Group is made up of leading law firms from across the country who, together with clinicians, have pooled their knowledge and experience to assist major trauma victims and their families through the provision of legal advice and ancillary services.

Common questions about the Major Trauma Group

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Our Committee Members

A profile photo of Jonathan Clement committee member of Major Trauma Group

Jonathan Clement

Committee Member (Legal)

Jonathan is a Partner in the Serious Injury team at CL Medilaw.

He is passionate about his work and the rights of his clients and focusses on ensuring that they are sufficiently compensated for their injuries to facilitate their rehabilitation and provide security in the long term.

Jonathan is a Trustee for Headway East Sussex.

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A profile photo of Sally Dunscombe committee member of Major Trauma Group

Sally Dunscombe

Committee Member (Operations)

Sally is a Director and co-founder of Brain Injury Group.

She has many years’ experience in the operation of law firms and supporting industries and recognises the importance of and need for a central point of reference for those needing help after suffering a major trauma.

Sally works closely with the charity Brain Injury is BIG to support those who suffer brain injury.

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A profile photo of Tim Jones committee member of Major Trauma Group

Tim Jones

Committee Member (Legal)

Tim is a Legal Director in the Serious Personal Injury team at Enable Law. He is motivated by fighting for justice for the victims of serious accidents and to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients including access to wide ranging rehabilitation.

Tim works closely with his local hospital to ensure that those who suffer serious injury receive the advice and support they need.

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A profile photo of Francis Lacy-Scott committee member of Major Trauma Group

Francis Lacy-Scott

Committee Member (Legal)

Francis is a Partner in the Serious Injury team at CL Medilaw. His interest extends beyond maximising final compensation awards, with early and effective rehabilitation and support for clients and their families a paramount concern.

In 2019 Francis achieved what was considered to be the UK’s highest ever personal injury award.

Francis was chosen by Legal 500 as the UK’s leading individual (outside London) for 2020 in his field of practice which includes personal injury law. He has also received the UKABIF lawyers award for inspiration and innovation in the field of brain injury.

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A profile photo of Julie McCarthy committee member of Major Trauma Group

Julie McCarthy

Committee Member (Operations)

Julie is Training and Membership Manager at Brain Injury Group. She has over 30 years’ experience in law firm administration and operations and assists people in her current role to find the specialist advice and support they need following brain injury.

Julie is a volunteer for her local homeless charity in her spare time.

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A profile photo of Dr Ian McCurdie medical committee member of Major Trauma Group

Dr Ian McCurdie

Committee Member (Medical)

Dr Ian McCurdie is a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine with extensive experience in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries in the military and in high performance sport.

He is a Director of Remedy Healthcare, providing specialist rehabilitation to those with complex MSK injuries.

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A profile photo of Claire Roantree committee member of Major Trauma Group

Claire Roantree

Committee Member (Legal)

Claire is a Partner in the Personal Injury team at Boyes Turner LLP, Reading.

She specialises in helping those who suffer from complex multiple injuries following major trauma, helping them to achieve the best outcome on their rehabilitation and recovery journey and to obtain financial security for their future.

Claire is a trustee for Cycle Smart Foundation, a charity that promotes safer cycling amongst children through education and training and by lobbying for the wearing of cycle helmets amongst children to be made law.

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Trevor Sterling

Trevor Sterling

Committee Member (Legal)

Trevor is a Partner and head of Major Trauma Service at Moore Barlow.

He has over 35 years’ experience of supporting major trauma victims and is a passionate advocate in respect of rehabilitation.  Trevor has been involved in a number of high-profile cases including the Paddington rail crash, Bath tipper truck tragedy, Croydon tram disaster and the Westminster terrorist attacks.

Trevor received the Rehabilitation First Award in 2013, 2014 and 2016, was highly commended at the Law Society’s Excellence Awards in 2018 as “Solicitor of the Year” and named Lawyer of the Year (Private Practice) at the UK legal Diversity Awards in 2019.

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A profile photo of Martin Usher committee member of Major Trauma Group

Martin Usher

Committee Member (Legal)

Martin is an Associate Solicitor in the Serious Injury and Major Trauma Service teams at Moore Barlow.

He specialises in cases involving major trauma taking a holistic approach, ensuring early access to rehabilitation to ensure his clients can make the best possible recovery and as far as possible return to their previous levels of independence and quality of life.

Martin works extensively with Headway and has served as a trustee and Chair at his regional Headway Group.

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A photo of Michael Wangermann from Ashtons Legal

Michael Wangermann

Committee Member (Legal)

Michael is a Partner and heads the Injury Services Group at Ashtons Legal.

For over 20 years’ he has been focusing on helping clients to get their lives back on track after traumatic injury. Michael is passionate about accessing the most suitable rehabilitation to assist in each client’s individual situation and securing the compensation required to meet the client’s future needs.

Michael is a Trustee of his local branch of Citizens Advice and also a member of PEOPIL, an organisation bringing together injury lawyers across Europe to help ensure that those injured abroad are properly supported.

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