The UK network of specialist serious injury solicitors supporting people after life-changing injury


At CFG we’re specialists in serious injury law – it’s all we do so we have no conflicts of interest and can always work in your best interests. We also have over 30 years’ experience representing only claimants and their families. We have never done work for defendants and never will.

We work smarter: We choose to give our legal experts smaller caseloads than they would have in many other firms so they can focus more time and energy on each claim, without compromising our consistently high standard.

We have no hidden fees: With CFG, there are no hidden costs and we have chosen not to claw back fees from your or any other client’s damages, as many other firms will do. This means you keep more of your compensation to pay for the support you need.

We work proactively: You need your claim resolved as quickly as possible so that you can achieve your best possible outcome – so we’re on top of every case and work proactively, ensuring there are no unnecessary delays.

We provide so much more than just law.

Alongside our legal team, we also have a dedicated team of rehabilitation and support coordinators who all have a background in health and social care, and are on hand to help you with our full wraparound support. Our main priority is making sure you have access to early support and rehabilitation, whether that’s through our emergency fund or by accessing interim funding, to make sure you can achieve your best possible outcome.

  • Specialist support at the earliest stage, alongside your legal team
  • Plugging any gaps in the care you’re receiving
  • Emergency fund to pay for initial care, aids and equipment
  • Collaborative working with your treating team to get you home safely
  • Psychological support and arranging counselling
  • Exploring grants and funding

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