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Injured in a cycling accident - what next?

Whilst changes introduced to the Highway Code in Spring 2022 were designed to improve the safety of cyclists on our roads, cyclists remain one of the most vulnerable of road users, with little protection around them.  If a collision occurs whilst cycling, it is likely that serious fractures, and possibly a head injury, will occur and these can have a life-changing impact.

If you have been injured in a cycling road traffic incident, and suffered serious injury, what help is available?

Financial help

Worrying about financial matters is common after a cycling injury, especially if it has been necessary to take time off work, or are unable to work and are self-employed.  These worries can be magnified if the injured person is the main wage earner in the household. 

A starting point is a welfare benefits check-up to see if there is any help you can get immediately from the State.  Major Trauma Group are able to offer a free welfare benefits check-up for you.

Do you have any critical illness cover, payment, mortgage or short-term income protection insurance that you can make a claim against? 

Returning to work

If you have suffered serious injury in a cycling incident which has necessitated a long period of time off work, how can you best prepare for a return to work?  Its important to keep talking to your employer about your return to work and any support you may need.  It may be that you are able to have a phased return to work, maybe starting off part time and building up over a period of time to a return to full time. 

If as a result of your cycling injuries you have a disability in law, which is not necessarily the same as a medical disability, you may need adjustments made to your workplace or role, in order to help make your return to work successful.  An employer has a legal duty to make reasonable adjustments which may include varying your work hours or the role you perform, or perhaps changes to the work environment to ensure it is accessible. 

Our members can advise you on what constitutes a reasonable adjustment, as well as advise on all other employment matters including discrimination and termination of employment.

Making a legal claim

If your injuries were caused in a cycling road traffic collision, and the other party involved was to blame for the incident, you can contact us for a free, no obligation chat to see whether there is a possibility to bring a claim for compensation against the third party.  No amount of money can undo the pain suffered and injury caused by your cycling collision, but bringing a claim is about so much more than just the financial settlement.

Our focus is on getting the injured cyclist rehabilitation, to help them rebuild their lives and achieve their full recovery potential.  Unfortunately, due to underfunding, rehabilitation via the NHS can be a postcode lottery, but by working with the insurers of the person who caused the incident, we will work to access private rehabilitation for you.  We will also ensure you receive the expert advice needed on how to cope with the impact of your injuries, be this psychological help to come to terms with your injuries, or practical help such as specialist equipment or housing adaptations.  We will also assist you to reclaim loss of earnings and other expenses associated with the incident and any future losses you may have such as a reduced earning capacity due to your injuries or the need to pay for future care.

Emotional support

It can be difficult to come to terms with your injuries, especially if they are life-changing.  But support is available.

It’s important to take care of your mental health and if you are struggling, the first port of call should be to talk to your GP who may be able to arrange counselling for you.

If you are able to bring a legal claim, be sure to tell your solicitor about your struggles as they may also be able to arrange private counselling for you to come to terms with your injuries.

Further support for injured cyclists

If you have been injured in a cycling collision, we are here to help.  Our solicitor members are all experienced in assisting those who have suffered major trauma injuries in a cycling collision and are available for a free, no obligation chat.

Contact us via email, telephone or live chat on our website (available Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5pm).

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Involved in a collision?
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Involved in a collision?
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