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Disclaimer for the Major Trauma Group Directory of Services

Whilst every care is taken to ensure that the Major Trauma Group Directory of Services is accurate, inaccuracies may nevertheless occur. If you discover any information which you believe to be inaccurate, please let us know.

The listed services and links to websites maintained by other organisations are included in the Major Trauma Group Directory of Services to assist you and are provided in good faith. Their inclusion does not imply that the Major Trauma Group endorses or supports them, nor does the absence of a service imply that the Major Trauma Group does not support them.

The Major Trauma Group cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by any inaccuracy on the Directory of Services, or on linked sites/pages.

The Major Trauma Group Directory for people who have major trauma injuries

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If you provide products or services that would be of benefit to people with major trauma injuries or their families and would like to be included in The Major Trauma Group Directory, please see

Categories include Holidays, Travel & Leisure; Support at Home; Therapies; Residential rehabilitation facilities; Charities & support groups; Business to Business services; Case Managers.

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An aerial view of a neighbourhood in the UK illustrating the importance of community care and statutory funding after major trauma

Community care and statutory funding

Funding support for your care needs following discharge from hospital After suffering major trauma, your injuries might mean that your life has changed dramatically. If you need help and support from others to manage your

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A man smiles as he sits on his bed next to his wheelchair illustrating the role the Court of Protection can play in safeguarding people with major trauma injuries

Court of Protection

A lack of mental capacity One of the injuries that may be faced after a major trauma is a brain injury which could affect a person’s ability to make decisions on their own.  This is

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A man in a wheelchair following major trauma meanders along a path with his dog, illustrating the need for compensation and rehabilitation after major trauma

Personal injury

If you or a loved one suffer a major trauma as a result of an accident you may be entitled to claim compensation. Your personal injury compensation claim is intended to help you rebuild your

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A family enjoy time together at the beach illustrating the importance of accurate financial planning advice after suffering major trauma injuries

Financial planning

If you have suffered an accident that has caused major trauma injury or illness it is likely that you will suffer from financial worries of some kind. This is only natural, but it is important

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