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Assisting motorcyclists after road traffic collisions

After serious injury, the earlier you gain access to rehabilitation, the better your outcome could be. Here's Tom's story and how Major Trauma Group member firm Boyes Turner helped Tom gain access to early rehabilitation for his injuries after his motorbike was hit by a car.

Motorcyclists remain among our most vulnerable road users. When road traffic collisions happen, it is likely that the motorcyclist will suffer multiple injuries, which could require many months of rehabilitation to return the injured person to full health or optimise their recovery.

Upon discharge from hospital, a rehabilitation prescription should be provided, which is a single document outlining the rehabilitation needs and how these needs will be addressed. It will describe the physical, cognitive and psychosocial rehabilitation needs of an individual and how these needs should be managed post discharge from hospital.

Is specialist rehabilitation available with the NHS?

Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding and resources, specialist rehabilitation isn’t always available via the NHS at the point it is needed. But if your injuries were caused by a road traffic collision which was not your fault, it may be possible to bring a personal injury claim, which will allow you to privately access rehabilitation, giving you to have a better chance of recovery from your injuries and freeing up valuable resources for the NHS who may no longer be responsible for the provision of your rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation comes in many forms, for example physiotherapy/hydrotherapy/occupational therapy to assist with your physical injuries, psychology to assist with psychological injuries including anxiety, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by the road traffic collision, as well as vocational rehabilitation to assist you in getting back to work. A specialist major trauma solicitor, such as those who are members of Major Trauma Group, will look at the whole picture and work with you, your family and your treating specialists to ensure you receive appropriate rehabilitation for your injuries, funded by the insurers of the person who caused the collision.

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Specialist rehabilitation after injury – Tom’s story

Tom suffered multiple injuries when his motorcycle collided with a car which turned across his path.

Tom suffered severely broken bones in his left wrist and forearm which required surgery, and he was left with restricted movement and grip strength. He also had significant scarring on his non-dominant hand from impacted fractures of his fingers, PTSD and depression.

Using the Rehabilitation Code allows rehabilitation to take place sooner

He instructed Major Trauma Group member Boyes Turner to bring a claim against the driver of the car which caused the collision. Liability for Tom’s injuries was accepted by the driver’s insurance company and they agreed to provide funding under the Rehabilitation Code so that he could have the rehabilitation he needed to help him have the best chance of making a full recovery. Using the Rehabilitation Code to obtain funding allows rehabilitation to take place whilst the claim is ongoing and is in addition to any compensation awarded for pain and suffering and any financial losses or expenses caused by the accident.

A case manager was instructed who co-ordinated Tom’s rehabilitation, which included private surgery, hand therapy, Orthotics assessment and psychological counselling.

Tom has made a good recovery and is now back working but he is more limited in the work that he can take on and relies on others to carry out heavier tasks that he can no longer do himself.

Compensation for pain, suffering and loss of earnings – without having to go to court

His claim for compensation was concluded without the need to attend Court, and the funds received have compensated him for the pain and suffering caused by the collision, as well as providing for his ongoing rehabilitation needs and the loss of earnings he suffered whilst he was unable to work as a direct result of his injuries.

How Major Trauma Group can help

Major Trauma Group has solicitor members throughout the UK who are specialists in assisting motorcyclists following road traffic collisions. Their experience and expertise in dealing with complex injuries involves a focus on specialist rehabilitation at the earliest possible opportunity, providing the injured person with the best possible outcome.

If you would like a free, no obligation chat with a specialist serious injury solicitor, contact us via telephone 0330 311 2578, email or access live chat on our website during office hours.

Struggling after injury?
See how Major Trauma Group can help...

Struggling after injury?
See how Major Trauma Group can help...

Who are the serious injury solicitors of Major Trauma Group, and how can they help me?

Who are the serious injury solicitors of Major Trauma Group, and how can they help me?

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