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Ashtons Legal joins leading law firms in Major Trauma Group

Ashtons Legal has joined leading law firms in the Major Trauma Group to bolster ambitions of providing holistic support to survivors of major trauma injury and their families.

The Major Trauma Group is a national service established in 2020 by four of the UK’s leading law firms and the Brain Injury Group in collaboration with medical clinicians. Ashtons brings strong personal injury expertise to the Group, with notable experience working on road traffic and workplace accidents.

The Group’s aim is to help people affected by major trauma across the country and ensure that they are fully supported in their rehabilitation journey through integrated legal, health and social care pathways to recovery. The Group also joined forces with Nestor this year to offer specialist Independent Financial Advisory services to major trauma survivors. 

Given the unprecedented strain that Covid-19 has put on healthcare systems, the Major Trauma Group is calling for charities, insurers and other community groups to come together to provide a pathway for the essential holistic rehabilitation of major trauma victims, and to ease the burden on the NHS. The Group will also continue to be a source of information for survivors of major trauma injuries and their families, as well as directing them to appropriate legal, financial, and mental health services.

Michael Wangermann, Partner and Head of Injury Services at Ashtons, said:

“Ashtons is delighted to be joining the Major Trauma Group and supporting severely injured people access the rehabilitation services they need. We look forward to sharing best practice ideas across the Group to build on opportunities and overcome difficulties in the current system.”

Trevor Sterling, Chair of the Major Trauma Group, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Ashtons to the Major Trauma Group as we continue to work towards greater provision of holistic rehabilitation for major trauma survivors. Ashtons brings invaluable expertise and understanding of the legal challenges faced by survivors and their families that will help us to achieve this goal, and we look forward to addressing these challenges together.”


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