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Major Trauma Group joins forces with Nestor

The Major Trauma Group is delighted to have joined forces with Nestor, to provide specialist Independent Financial Adviser services to survivors of major trauma injury and their families.

Nestor brings over 20 years’ experience in providing specialist IFA services to both pre- and post-settlement personal injury damages awards, covering issues such as Personal Injury Trusts, Loss of Earnings reports, Wealth Management and Trustee Investment Advice.

Over 10,000 people die following a major trauma injury every year in England and Wales. Whether from a car accident, fall or violence, major trauma injuries remain the main cause of death for people under 45 in the UK. Major trauma patients who survive often have an ongoing need for specialist rehabilitations services and financial help post discharge, but limited knowledge of how to access the support.

Many patients leave hospital without legal advice or access to adequate community rehabilitation follow up. A paper published in the Journal of Intensive Care Society highlighted that in 70% of major trauma centres patients fail to receive legal advice. The Major Trauma Group is pleased to be a source of information for these individuals, as well as directing them to appropriate legal, mental health services, and financial services.

Ryan Lewis, Business Development, at Nestor said:

“As independent financial advisers, we have specialised in working with recipients of personal injury and medical negligence awards and their law firms for over twenty years.

“We have clients all over the UK and when the opportunity arose to work more closely with the member law firms in the Major Trauma Group, naturally, we were delighted to come aboard and lend our expertise in areas such as Welfare Benefits advice, Personal Injury Trusts, Periodical Payment advice and cash and independent investment management.

“Whether a client has received £10,000 or £20 million, we are happy to work hand in hand with their solicitor and assist them where we can and hopefully make a positive difference to their long-term financial future.”

Trevor Sterling, Chair of the Major Trauma Group, said:

“At the Major Trauma Group, we are passionate about the need for a holistic approach to rehabilitation, and we are delighted to be working with Nestor to help people affected by major trauma receive sound financial advice.

“Nestor’s decades-long expertise working in personal injury is truly commendable, and we look forward to seeing the wealth of knowledge that Nestor can bring to survivors and their families as part of their rehabilitation journey.”


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