Road Safety Week 2021

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Road Safety Week 2021 – Championing our Road Safety Heroes

Road Safety Week is an annual event promoted by the road safety charity Brake to raise awareness of road dangers and make road journeys safer for everyone.

Road Safety Week is an annual event promoted by the road safety charity Brake to raise awareness of road dangers and make road journeys safer for everyone. Transformations in technology have meant that our roads are quickly changing, from the introduction of micromobility vehicles such as e-scooters, to the roll out of smart motorways, the future of road safety is uncertain and must be accompanied by robust regulation to keep all road users safe.

This year, the theme of Road Safety Week is Road Safety Heroes, which highlights and champions those that keep our roads as safe as possible every day. At the Major Trauma Group, our Committee members have decades of experience supporting road traffic accident survivors. Our lawyers frequently see first-hand the heroic groups and individuals who help save trauma patients and are passionate about improving road safety.

Claire Roantree, Partner at Boyes Turner, has had multiple clients whose lives have been saved by the Thames Valley Air Ambulance. One of her clients was hit by a van, suffering head, spine, chest and pelvis injuries, a collapsed lung and significant blood loss that necessitated a blood transfusion at the scene. The air ambulance team were pivotal in ensuring their survival. The treating surgeon confirmed that had the air ambulance not rescued the patient and flown them to a major trauma centre, they would’ve passed away. In a touching interaction the air ambulance anaesthetist went to visit the patient later in hospital. The client commented that meeting one of the air ambulance team really helped them to process what had happened.

Michael Wangermann, Partner at Ashtons Legal, and Tim Jones, Legal Director of Enable Law, have also worked with multiple road traffic accident survivors and never fail to notice the vital work that emergency service response teams carry out. One of their client’s accidents took place on Boxing Day and serves as a reminder that there are no days off for those working in and around emergency services. For road traffic accidents like these it is thanks to the essential support from A&E services that ensures survivors have the best possible patient outcomes. Given the harrowing scenes they are exposed to and the life-dependent nature of their work, they truly are Road Safety Heroes.

Road Safety Week is a fantastic campaign that brings awareness to our roads and associated dangers and the Major Trauma Group is proud to support it. We are committed to providing holistic support to major trauma victims and their families so that they can focus on the recovery journey. To learn more about how the Major Trauma Group can support you, contact us on 0330 311 2578, or email


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