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Three Leading Law Firms join Major Trauma Group

Three new firms join Major Trauma Group at a time when the the need for continued care and support to help patients and protect the under-pressure NHS is paramount.

Leading law firms Lime Solicitors, Horwich Cohen Coghlan (HCC Solicitors), and Burnetts Solicitors have joined the Major Trauma Group to provide holistic support to survivors of major trauma injury and their families through integrated legal, health and social care pathways to recovery.

The Major Trauma Group is a national service established last year by four of the UK’s leading law firms and the Brain Injury Group in collaboration with medical clinicians. It has since grown to encompass specialist Independent Financial Advisory services, with a membership that is ten organisations strong.  

Burnetts Solicitors specialist award-winning serious injury team brings a wide range of expertise to the Group supporting clients across the North East and Cumbria. They also provide access to wider personal, business, and public sector legal knowledge and services. Lime Solicitors offers specialist and highly reputable legal services championing individuals across the Midlands and the South East who suffer personal injury. HCC Solicitors is an award-winning serious injury law firm with offices in Manchester, London and Birmingham. The firm specialises in representing people who have sustained major trauma injuries.

Major trauma injuries remain the main cause of death for people under 45 in the UK. Major trauma patients who survive often have an ongoing need for specialist rehabilitation services and financial help post-discharge, but limited knowledge of how to access the support. The Group is now a source of information for these individuals, and can direct them to appropriate legal, financial, and mental health services.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has heightened the strain on the NHS, the Major Trauma Group is calling for charities, insurers and other community groups to come together to provide a pathway for the essential holistic rehabilitation of major trauma victims, and to ease the burden on the NHS.

Martin Usher, Partner at Lime Solicitors, said:

“Lime Solicitors is delighted to be joining the Major Trauma Group and its efforts to provide greater delivery of holistic rehabilitation for major trauma survivors. As a specialist in personal injury, I wholly understand the importance of helping the most vulnerable receive the support they need and look forward to collaborating on this issue.”

Brian Coghlan, Director at HCC Solicitors, said:

“We are pleased to be combining forces with the Major Trauma Group at such a pivotal time. We have a real opportunity to make a positive difference for those suffering from major trauma and their families, and we look forward to working with other members of the Group to make this a reality.”

Paul Brown, Senior Associate at Burnetts Solicitors, said:

“The work done by the Major Trauma Group is essential. Far too often sufferers of major trauma do not receive the support they require, and the situation has been made even worse as a result of the pandemic. Burnetts Solicitors is proud to be joining the Major Trauma Group at this important time, with the shared vision of helping those most in need access the rehabilitation, support and treatment they deserve.”

Trevor Sterling, Chair of the Major Trauma Group, said:

“This is an exceptionally exciting time for the Group, and we are delighted to work in collaboration with experts that share in our vision of working towards greater provision of holistic rehabilitation for major trauma survivors.

“These three firms, alongside our existing specialist Members, can help make real changes to the lives of major trauma survivors and their families. We look forward to making progress together.”

About the Major Trauma Group

The Major Trauma Group is a national service to assist people affected by major trauma, established by leading law firms in collaboration with medical clinicians. The Group supports people affected by major trauma achieve the best outcome on their rehabilitation and recovery journey, as well as ensuring their financial security for the future. There is often a shortfall in the statutory provision of rehabilitation services available, and a limit on the resources our overstretched NHS can provide. The Major Trauma Group is working to bridge this gap by supplementing the provision available to people affected by major trauma and helping to ease pressures on the NHS. 


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