A country road on a sunny day illustrating how Colin achieved his best outcome after working with Major Trauma Group member firm Boyes Turner


How Colin got his best outcome

A case study about Colin who suffered multiple injuries; physical and psychological, but was able to get back to work and enjoy time with his family again due to the work of Major Trauma Group member firm Boyes Turner.

In 2020, Major Trauma Group member firm, Boyes Turner, were instructed by Colin to pursue a claim after he suffered major trauma injuries when he was hit by a speeding car. Colin’s injuries included fractures to his shoulder and ribs, a head injury, tinnitus, and reduced hearing as well as soft tissue injuries. He continued to suffer from whiplash and pain in his shoulder, hips, lower back, and neck for many months after the collision.

Colin had previously suffered PTSD which had resolved but the incident caused symptoms to return, and this psychological injury led to him having disturbed sleep, loss of confidence, anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, and agoraphobia.

Working together to achieve better outcomes

By working in collaboration with the defendant insurer, Boyes Turner were able to obtain funding so Colin could receive early access to rehabilitation, which would give him the best chance of recovery from his injuries and a return to his pre-injury lifestyle.

A case manager was appointed to assess his immediate needs and co-ordinate his rehabilitation and treatment. The immediate needs assessment identified an urgent need for a psychological assessment and treatment for PTSD. He was assessed to need physiotherapy to ease his pain and assist with restoring mobility.  The case manager also organised MRI scans, injections and shoulder surgery, and other assessments including ENT (ear, nose, and throat).

Before the incident in which Colin sustained his injuries, he worked as an HGV driver. His ongoing disabilities meant that a return to professional driving was not an option. In order to assist with a successful return to employment, albeit not his original career, Boyes Turner arranged for Colin to see a vocational rehabilitation specialist – vocational rehabilitation is the process by which someone who has suffered illness, injury or disability is helped to return to, or remain in, employment or other useful occupation.

A country road on a sunny day illustrating how Colin achieved his best outcome after working with Major Trauma Group member firm Boyes Turner
Colin achieved his best outcome after working with Major Trauma Group member firm Boyes Turner

The importance of early intervention

The early involvement of the case manager in organising immediate treatment of Colin’s PTSD by a psychologist was the key to helping him to overcome the psychological impact of the accident and enabling him to fully engage in ongoing physical therapy and treatment for his multiple injuries. He was eventually able to get back to work and enjoy precious time with his family.


As Colin was unable to work for some time after his injury, Boyes Turner secured an interim payment to help ease financial worries caused as a direct result of the incident. Interim payments are part payment of damages from a personal injury claim, which are made in advance of final settlement of the claim.

Colin’s claim was concluded without the need to go to Court, and the compensation he received will ensure that he is able to continue to receive ongoing rehabilitation, fund the future care he will need as a result of his injuries, and to compensate for the future loss of earnings he is likely to suffer as he is unable to return to his career as a HGV driver.

In Colin’s own words

‘After being involved in a Road Accident I enlisted the services of Boyes Turner to help settle our compensation claim for damages and ongoing injuries that I incurred as a result. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their ongoing support throughout an extremely stressful ordeal was second to none. I suffered multiple injuries and they organised all my ongoing medical needs both physically and mentally, to help aid my recovery and rehabilitation. They managed my case with the utmost professionalism, concluding it satisfactorily so that I can move forward with my life and recovery. Thank you to Claire and her team for their amazing ongoing support and work with handling my case, in a time of great stress and uncertainty. Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my family.’


Why instruct Major Trauma Group?

Major Trauma Group is a network of specialist serious injury solicitors, rehabilitation clinicians and supporting services, with a proven record of successfully handling major trauma claims. From the initial meeting, our focus is on securing funding for our clients to receive the right rehabilitation at the right time to enable clients to make the best possible recovery and a return to their pre-incident lifestyle. We ensure clients have future care packages in place and can arrange adaptations to properties if required as part of the claim. We will also ensure that you are compensated for future losses such as loss of earnings or pension if they occur as a direct result of your injuries.

How Major Trauma Group can help

The Major Trauma Group is a not-for-profit community interest company made up from leading law firms across the country, who have come together, with clinicians, to assist those who have suffered major trauma, and their families on their recovery journey.  We can assist with legal advice on a range of topics including personal injury claims, Court of Protection, family and property matters, financial planning, welfare benefits check-ups, employment disputes and educational needs. Contact us for a free, no obligation chat: hello@majortraumagroup.co.uk

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