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Construction site accidents – an alarming trend

Major Trauma Group provides an overview on construction site accidents, including the causes, prevention methods and process of making a claim.

Latest information released from Herts Tools show that there is an alarming rise in the number of fatal accidents in the UK construction industry, with figures rising by almost 22% during 2022/23, compared to the previous five years.

Herts Tools findings are based on construction statistics from Health and Safety Executive reports for 2023 and their analysis demonstrates the impact of accidents in the construction industry and how workers and workplaces are being affected.

Additional findings include:

  • There are four times more deaths in construction than any other industry.
  • Falling from heights is the number 1 cause of fatal and non-fatal incidents in the construction sector accounting for 50% of incidents.

Stefano Lobban, director of Herts Tools comments

“Although there will always be accidents in the construction industry, we can never stop trying to reduce them. These latest findings show just how far we have to go, with fatalities continuing to rise, despite the UK having some of the most thorough health and safety regulations anywhere.

“Training is key to protecting workers, whether it is highlighting dangers or teaching workers to make their own risk assessments on site. Then there is ensuring workers have all the PPE they need, such as helmets, safety goggles and slip-resistant footwear.

“I hope these findings act as a wake-up call to the industry and we’ll see a reduction in incident numbers next year.”

Injuries that are generally considered serious due to their severity and potential long-term impact may include:

What can be done?

According to Phil Beaumont, a health and safety consultant, “first and foremost it is important for sites and companies to implement rules, procedures, and policies that people can follow clearly to conduct safe practice at work. Keeping a record of incidents and continuously assessing what went right, what went wrong, what was irrelevant and what more could have been done previously is vital to minimise future accidents at work.”

Returning to work

Phil Beaumont goes on to say “If a company reports an accident at work amongst one of its workers, depending on the severity of the accident and cause, they should carry out a thorough risk assessment for the returning person/people to ensure they are capable of doing the tasks they’re assigned which won’t aggravate their recovery. This should also include manual handling and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessments. 

It is also worth potentially looking at a buddy system, temporary assignments, reduced hours, and planning a stepped return to work for anyone who has experienced an incident in the industry” 

Preventing construction site accidents

In order to prevent accidents on construction sites, its important companies:

  • Provide training and plan all work at height properly;
  • Use the correct equipment and regularly check it to prevent falls;
  • Avoid slips and trips by keeping floors clean, dry, well-lit, and free of obstacles;
  • Clear up spillages quickly, deep cleaning after working hours;
  • Install safety guards on machinery and provide safety goggles;
  • Store heavy objects close to the ground, fit debris nets and outlaw throwing tools.

If you have been injured in a construction site accident

Law firm members of Major Trauma Group are experienced in helping people who have suffered serious and life changing injuries in construction site accidents.  Our law firm members will be happy to have an initial free no obligation chat with you to discuss your injuries and the circumstances in which the injuries were sustained, to see if there is the opportunity to bring a claim for compensation.  In most cases, should you choose to proceed to bring a claim, this can be funded by way of a no win no fee agreement.

What is included in a claim following a construction site accident

First and foremost, our law firm members will, as part of your claim, seek to obtain rehabilitation for you to help you make the best possible recovery from your injuries.  In addition to compensation for the pain and suffering caused, they will advise on the possibility of claiming for any loss of earnings, future loss of earning potential, the cost of any specialist equipment or medical care you may need, adaptations to your property or the purchase of a new, more suitable property, and the care you may need following your accident.

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Time limits apply for bringing a claim for construction site accidents, which generally is three years, but this may differ if the injured party losses the mental capacity to make decisions on their own, or if they are under eighteen at the time of the accident.  So, it is advisable to seek legal advice as early as possible following your accident if you would like to investigate whether a claim is possible.  Our law firm members can speak to you by telephone, video call or in person.  Simply call 0330 311 2578 or email, requesting a call back from a qualified legal professional, and we’ll arrange for one of our law firm members to make contact for a free, no obligation chat.

Struggling after injury?
See how Major Trauma Group can help...

Struggling after injury?
See how Major Trauma Group can help...

Who are the serious injury solicitors of Major Trauma Group, and how can they help me?

Who are the serious injury solicitors of Major Trauma Group, and how can they help me?

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