People on motorbikes take part in a motocross beach event illustrating our story about John and how he received early rehabilitation after sustaining multiple serious injuries in a motocross accident


How John received early rehabilitation after his Motocross accident

It is crucial in major trauma cases that a person gets access to rehabilitation and support as soon as possible to enable them to make the best recovery and learn how to manage their injuries.

In 2015, John (names have been changed to protect identity) was taking part in a Motorcross beach race. This event involves multiple competitors racing around a beach track which includes large jumps and obstacles. 

Unfortunately, John fell whilst landing a jump. As he was getting back on his motorbike ready to carry on with the race, he was suddenly hit from behind by another competitor who had attempted to take the jump at speed. Due to the lack of marshalls, the other competitor was not aware that John had fallen. The other competitor’s back bike wheel hit John on the back of the head, knocking him unconscious.  His bike subsequently fell on top of him.

John’s multiple serious injuries

As a result of the accident, John sustained multiple serious injuries, referred to as polytrauma. These injuries together, come within the definition of major trauma.

In particular, he sustained a closed head injury (from being knocked unconscious) defined as a mild traumatic brain injury. This resulted in post-traumatic amnesia for 2–3 weeks, post-concussion syndrome and neuropsychological difficulties including:

  • forgetfulness,
  • reduced ability to reason and make decisions,
  • rigidity of thinking,
  • difficulty with numbers,
  • reduced attention and concentration,
  • frustration and anger.

In addition to the head injury, John also suffered a fractured eye socket resulting in associated vision difficulties, a fractured nose, a knee injury requiring three arthroscopies with a likelihood of developing post-traumatic arthritis and requiring a knee replacement in the future, a shoulder injury, rib fractures and a soft tissue back injury.

All of these injuries together had and will continue to have an impact on John’s life.

Compensation for the injuries paves the way for the support John needs

Enable Law were asked to act for John to pursue a claim for damages. This action will compensate him for the injuries sustained as well as fund the support he needs now and going forward.

Due to the significance of John’s injuries, Enable Law sought to put in place provisions to assist with his rehabilitation. This involved utilising the support of a case manager to support him in the things he now found challenging. As he was unable to return to work in his pre-accident capacity, support included vocational rehabilitation as well as physical therapy which will provide him with physiotherapy and the cost for a gym membership with personal trainer.

Access to early rehabilitation is vital

It is crucial in major trauma cases that a person gets access to rehabilitation and support as soon as possible to enable them to make the best recovery and learn how to manage their injuries.

About Enable Law

Major Trauma Group founding member firm Enable Law is a specialist medical law and personal injury practice. Enable Law support clients throughout the UK with offices in London, the South coast and the South West.

How can Major Trauma Group help?

Major Trauma Group is a network of specialist serious injury law firms, experienced in dealing with claims following major trauma.  We assist clients throughout England and Wales in getting compensation to support their recovery. Our emphasis on early rehabilitation is supported by a medical clinician with rehabilitation expertise, as well as highly experienced independent financial advisers and case managers; all working with you to support your claim.

If you would like a free no-obligation chat with one of our members, please email or call us on 0330 311 2578

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