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Leading law firms join forces to launch the Major Trauma Group

70% of patients leave hospital, having received no legal advice and are effectively discharged to Google.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Major Trauma Group, a not for profit organisation set up to provide a central point of legal, financial and welfare information for people who have suffered major trauma.

Major Trauma Group is a collective of law firms, medical professionals and supporting services who are committed to ensuring that patients who suffer a serious or life-changing injury through another person’s negligence, have access to specialist legal advice every step of the way through the legal process and to provide access to early rehabilitation.  When injuries are so serious that a patient has required treatment in a Major Trauma Centre then access to early rehabilitation is crucial to help them regain their independence and achieve financial security for the future.

Helping people affected by major trauma across the UK

Rehabilitation is at the core of all we do, ensuring that as early as possible we can help patients and their families access medical treatment, care and support where needed.  This may involve organising discharge from hospital to another rehabilitation setting and then home, liaising with statutory services regarding care packages, providing aids and equipment to increase independence, assisting with housing requirements and arranging ongoing therapy input post discharge – we want to help patients maximise their recovery and return to a life of purpose and meaning.  This will be different for everyone – whether the goal is to return to paid or voluntary work, being able to walk or drive again, take their children to school or engage in social and leisure activities, we aim to support the injured person achieve their goals.

Major Trauma Group are able to provide access to advice on a wide range of issues including claims, employment, education, housing, welfare, financial issues, care, statutory funding, capacity issues and power of attorney. 

We have established strong links with local case managers and rehabilitation services/providers across the country and will provide training on collaboration, funded care, rehab pathways and medico legal process. 

Why is there a need for Major Trauma Group?

In 2012 the NHS rolled out 27 Major Trauma Centres across England.  Major Trauma Centres are specialist hospitals responsible for the care of the most severely injured patients, who provide skilled consultant-led trauma teams with a multidisciplinary approach, 24 hours a day.  Post discharge, patients are given a Rehabilitation Prescription which documents their rehabilitation needs and how those needs will be addressed.  But all too often, rehabilitation is a postcode lottery and is a huge cost to the NHS.

For many types of major injury, such as brain injury, spinal cord injury and amputation, there are rehabilitation pathways.  But these do not exist for complex orthopaedic musculoskeletal injuries.

If the injuries are caused by the negligent act or omission of another person, access to rehabilitation can be arranged as part of the claim, easing the financial burden on the NHS and enabling early access to rehabilitation.  But it is estimated that 70% of patients leave hospital, having received no legal advice and are effectively discharged to Google. 

Major Trauma Group will provide a central point of information on legal, financial and welfare matters – a one-stop shop to help them along their rehabilitation journey.

Who we are

Major Trauma Group is a collective of law firms, with specialist knowledge of major trauma, who have come together to provide nationwide coverage across England and Wales to clients seeking legal advice following major trauma.  Dr Ian McCurdie of Remedy Healthcare provides medical input to the Group.

How Major Trauma Group can help

The Major Trauma Group is a collective of experienced legal and health professionals, supporting people who have suffered major trauma as a result of an accident caused by the negligence of another party.

All of our personal injury solicitors focus on early access to holistic rehabilitation, improving outcomes and quality of life with a collaborative and supportive approach to each client’s individual needs.

To work with a specialist solicitor experienced in the complexities of major trauma and with the local knowledge you will require, get in touch via telephone, email or post.

t: 0330 311 2578


For our postal address see our Contact Us page.

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