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Major Trauma – What do we really mean and when can it happen?

What is major trauma? Where can it occur? What are the most common types of major trauma accidents? All questions that are answered here!

We often hear people talk about major trauma. The NHS have Major Trauma Centres to provide specialist care for people who have suffered major traumatic injuries. And someone may describe a significant event in their life as being traumatic, often because of the impact it has had on their mental health.

Similarly, major trauma can mean different things to different people. We are all different; major trauma to one person may not be major trauma to another. Therefore we have to think of major trauma in a broad way to help those people who suffer from its effects.

What is a major trauma injury?

Well, remember the rule, we are all different! Usually, however, major trauma injuries include:

  • multiple fractures,
  • brain and spinal injuries,
  • injuries leading to amputation of limbs,
  • injuries that produce scarring,
  • burns and injuries leading to disfigurement,
  • psychological trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

They often involve and are treated as multiple, complex injuries and will have long-lasting effects. Frequently, they involve complex and chronic pain and significant damage to the body and internal organs.

After someone has suffered a major trauma injury, they can often spend a significant period of time in an Intensive Care Unit in hospital. Very often, excellent care is provided; however, the experience of being in ICU can be daunting. It can leave a considerable mark on an individual for the rest of their life. Recognising this is important when supporting someone who suffers a major traumatic incident; who may feel they have been lucky to survive.

When can major trauma happen?

Many incidents can cause someone to suffer a major trauma injury. Immediately people think of road traffic accidents. Yet statistics tell us the other common types of accident are:

  • accidents in the workplace and on construction sites,
  • accidents involving animals,
  • sporting accidents,
  • accidents on a public highway and in a public place,
  • accidents in the home; and,
  • water-based accidents.

It is also important to recognise that many people are involved in such accidents who wrongly do not consider themselves eligible for compensation for the injuries and losses that they suffer, e.g. the self-employed. Therefore, it is vitally important for everyone to seek specialist advice after a major trauma incident. Crucially, this support can aid the rehabilitation of the victim.

How Major Trauma Group can assist…

Importantly, Major Trauma Group is a network of specialist serious injury law firms experienced in claims following major trauma. With member firms throughout England and Wales, we are uniquely placed to get the best of your compensation claim for major trauma injuries. By aligning crucial legal expertise and specialist serious injury experience to local knowledge and rehabilitation understanding, we can help you get the best legal and rehabilitation outcome following major trauma.

Additionally, as well as legal assistance, we provide rehabilitation support, financial advice and case management help through highly experienced independent financial advisers, case managers and an expert medical clinician.

If you would like a free no-obligation chat with one of our members, please email or call us on 0330 311 2578

Struggling after injury?
See how Major Trauma Group can help...

Struggling after injury?
See how Major Trauma Group can help...

Who are the serious injury solicitors of Major Trauma Group, and how can they help me?

Who are the serious injury solicitors of Major Trauma Group, and how can they help me?

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