Up the 02 and back again – Jeanette’s major trauma story

"Major Trauma brings with it a host of issues and challenges many of which are difficult and painful for the person who has suffered life-changing injuries. When your life is shattered you are left lost, alone and vulnerable not knowing who to turn to for advice and assistance."

Going through a major trauma can be a traumatic and confusing time for individuals. Understanding both the healthcare and social care pathway is vital to enabling the patient to focus on their rehabilitation and recovery. It is imperative to ensure that the process is demystified.

Support for major trauma patients

A patient’s journey, from the acute stage as an inpatient at hospital to discharge to the community and then to returning to work can be lengthy and our aim is to ensure that there is continued support through each stage of the journey. Having that support so early on from suffering a major trauma has proven to maximise the recovery of patients both physically and psychologically.

An example of the services and support that has been provided by one of the legal teams within the Major Trauma Group is set out below:

Jeanette (65) was involved in a serious road traffic accident on 22.03.17. Jeanette was struck by a vehicle driven by her friend, resulting in her having to undergo a through the knee amputation. There were inevitable sensitivities given the nature of the incident involving her friend and a significant amount of support throughout both the civil and criminal process was required.

I want to climb the O2 building

Jeanette informed us on the first meeting, that her aspiration was to ‘climb the O2’ and we said that we would aim to help her achieve this aspiration. Jeanette also informed us that she was an animal lover and that she did in fact own 14 dogs. Jeanette’s love for her animals was clear from the fact that she was just as much concerned as to the welfare of her dogs whilst she was an inpatient as she was her own welfare.

We made a legal claim on her behalf and were able to obtain rehabilitation payments from the insurer of the vehicle that struck her using The Rehabilitation Code 2015 within 2 weeks of instruction. These payments enabled Jeanette to obtain the following support:

  • A dog sitter and dog walker
  • Adaptations to her home making it wheelchair accessible including:
    • Levelling the steps leading out from her home to garden
    • Levelling the kitchen worktops to wheelchair height
    • Installation of a stairlift from lounge to kitchen
    • Adaptations to the bathroom/shower
    • Gates in place to stop her dogs from running out into the road.
  • Private Physiotherapy on a weekly basis
  • Specialist psychological input on a weekly basis
  • Taxi account – involving her own personal driver given anxieties around travel
  • Gym membership
  • Prosthetics assessment
  • Prosthetics trialling of the Genium X3; and
  • A case manager.

As the trial for the Genium X3 prosthetic worked perfectly for Jeanette, funding was secured providing Jeanette with one of the best prosthetics available for the duration of her lifetime, alongside funding for an additional prosthetic in the event her main prosthetic went in for maintenance etc.

Within 2 years and 4 months from the date of the accident, Jeanette and her team throughout this process climbed the O2 together fulfilling her aspiration that she mentioned at the initial meeting.

It doesn’t end there…

Jeanette continued to fulfil further aspirations and goals and 1 month following the O2, completed the ‘Superhero Para triathlon’ with the support of her legal team who were her ‘superhero sidekicks’.

Former major trauma patient Jeanette and her support team, including staff from Major Trauma Group founding firm Moore Barlow, about to climb the O2 building

Jeanette is an inspiration and continues now to act as an Ambassador, giving talks at hospitals & conferences around major trauma & patient experience.

The claim settled within 2 years 2 months for a seven-figure sum (including rehabilitation).

The best person to comment though on the support that she received is undoubtedly Jeanette herself:

‘Everyone’s experience of major trauma is different and no two people react in the same way, however,  if my experience has taught me anything, it is that recovery is not something that you can do alone.  Recovery is hard work and is demanding of both your time and energy but having expert support and guidance will enable you to concentrate on making the best recovery you can.  

Major Trauma brings with it a host of issues and challenges many of which are difficult and painful for the person who has suffered life-changing injuries. When your life is shattered you are left lost, alone and vulnerable not knowing who to turn to for advice and assistance. I was fortunate to be introduced to the MTS in the early days of my recovery, their approach was kind and considerate from the very first meeting. I will always remember what they said to me as they left my room after that first meeting “Leave everything to us, you concentrate on getting better, we will do everything else, you don’t need to worry about anything”. Just a few words but they took away so much anxiety. The team were always there, always at the end of the phone and always supportive. They clearly have a great depth of knowledge with regard to personal injury claims but more than that they have an undeniable empathy with their client. I knew that no matter what the time or what the problem was, I could always contact the team. As my recovery has continued, they have become like a second family to me, someone I could rely on without question, they have become trusted friends. They give their own personal time without question and without a doubt they have always gone that extra mile on my behalf. They are an outstanding team to whom I owe so much and I will always be so very grateful.’


How Major Trauma Group can help

The Major Trauma Group is a collective of experienced legal and health professionals, supporting people who have suffered major trauma as a result of an accident caused by the negligence of another party.

All of our personal injury solicitors focus on early access to holistic rehabilitation, improving outcomes and quality of life with a collaborative and supportive approach to each client’s individual needs.

To work with a specialist solicitor experienced in the complexities of major trauma and with the local knowledge you will require, get in touch via telephone, email or post.

t: 0330 311 2578


For our postal address see our Contact Us page.


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