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The Rehabilitation Journey

Because better rehabilitation leads to better outcomes

The rehabilitation journey is unique for every patient in the process of recovering from a major trauma. The different signposts along the way of the rehabilitation journey are an important factor in highlighting different needs and requirements and whether improvement has been made to the standard of life of the patient in question.

Our aim is to ensure that every single person who has suffered from an accident, illness or injury has the support to reach those signposts and make a recovery that works well for their personal circumstances and severity of injury.

What is major trauma?

It is a phrase well known to health professionals but not to many people, until they have suffered an injury. 

Hospital treatment

The first phase of recovery and where rehabilitation should begin.


The crucial stage in maximising outcomes following injury. It has been shown that better rehabilitation leads to a better outcome following major trauma. In short, rehabilitation is vital to recovery.

A brighter future

Specialist support on the many financial and legal issues arising from your injuries and affecting your recovery. Our legal experts work on providing the best outcome from any compensation claim to aid your rehabilitation.

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