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The logo of Physio4You


Physio4You is the home of NeuroPhysio, TraumaPhysio & PaedsPhysio. We provide empowering rehabilitation that is life-changing and achieves real-world results. We are a leading rehabilitation company specialising in high-quality domiciliary physiotherapy services. Our dedicated teams offer neurological, orthopaedic (including following amputation) and children’s physiotherapy in Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, North London, North-West London, East London and

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The logo of Open Road Access (ORA)

Open Road Access (ORA) powered by Proximo

Open Road Access (ORA) offers unparalleled independence to wheelchair users and their families by providing on demand access to wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) and disabled adapted vehicles. ORA rents these vehicles directly to customers from one day to one year, helping uses avoid the long commitments and significant costs associated with long term-leasing or purchasing

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The logo of Swift Prosthetics

Swift Prosthetics

At Swift Prosthetics we are committed to providing the highest standards of independent, private prosthetic care nationwide. We use innovative design and advanced technologies to offer unique prosthetic, and orthotic, solutions to support our clients’ journey. We offer a caring and personable approach and are dedicated to providing the highest standards of bespoke prosthetic care.

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The logo of Empowering U Case Management

Empowering U Case Management

EMPOWERING individuals to thrive through collaborative rehabilitation planning.  At Empowering U Case Management, we pride ourselves on our core values. They guide everything we do, from how we work with our clients, to how our business operates internally.  E – Equality – Every individual is treated equally. Everybody should be given equal choices and chances.

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The logo of Everyday Living Therapy

Everyday Living Therapy

Everyday Living Therapy is a Specialist Occupational Therapy practice focusing on rehabilitation of patients with acquired brain injuries, vocational rehabilitation and rehabilitation of patients with disabling conditions. Our therapists are skilled in the assessment and treatment of individuals with neurological conditions. We focus on supporting our clients on being as independent as possible and improving

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The logo of Chroma


“Realising Potential Through Creativity” is why Chroma is the UK’s leading provider of creative arts therapies services for neurorehabilitation and post-trauma clients. Because the brain has a natural and automatic responsiveness to music, we can music as a treatment modality within neurorehabilitation, for example by using rhythm to support functional movement, or melody as a

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The logo of STEPS Prosthetics

STEPS Prosthetics

At STEPS Prosthetics we understand that every client is unique, not just in terms of their injury but also in terms of the functionality that they want to achieve from their prosthetic limb or orthotic device. Many of our clients have suffered life-changing injuries as a result of a road traffic collision or a catastrophic

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The logo of the British Biker Relief Foundation

British Biker Relief Foundation

What BBRF do and why – by Andy Arscott, Founder It was the end of the summer of 2011, and the roads were still full. The southwest of the UK, where I live, had had its fair share of motorcycle accidents across the year, but then in the space of just 5 weeks there was

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STEPS Rehabilitation

STEPS Rehabilitation deliver intensive and ongoing rehabilitation for people recovering from brain injury, spinal cord injury, strokes and complex trauma injuries, enabling them to reach their full potential and to rebuild their lives. This unique rehabilitation facility delivers high-quality care from a interdisciplinary team of medical and rehabilitation specialists. The purpose-built, architecturally ground-breaking premises in

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There’s a reason why Corporé won the Major Loss Award, Case Manager of the Year and Case Manager Supporter of the Year in 2021. We are committed to providing care and support to those following an accident. We believe in an inclusive approach to rehabilitation, following a goal focused process to achieve the best possible

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A man in a wheelchair following major trauma meanders along a path with his dog, illustrating the need for compensation and rehabilitation after major trauma

Personal injury

If you or a loved one suffer a major trauma as a result of an accident you may be entitled to claim compensation. Your personal injury compensation claim is intended to help you rebuild your

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A family enjoy time together at the beach illustrating the importance of accurate financial planning advice after suffering major trauma injuries

Financial planning

If you have suffered an accident that has caused major trauma injury or illness it is likely that you will suffer from financial worries of some kind. This is only natural, but it is important

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A family hold hands at the beach as the sun shines above, this image illustrates the importance of welfare benefits for family life

Welfare benefits advice

Suffering an injury can be a traumatic event. It can leave you out of work and in need of financial support just to get by day-to-day. During these difficult times it is important to gain

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An aerial view of a neighbourhood in the UK illustrating the importance of community care and statutory funding after major trauma

Community care and statutory funding

Funding support for your care needs following discharge from hospital After suffering major trauma, your injuries might mean that your life has changed dramatically. If you need help and support from others to manage your

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