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The logo of Open Road Access (ORA)

Open Road Access (ORA) powered by Proximo

Open Road Access (ORA) offers unparalleled independence to wheelchair users and their families by providing on demand access to wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) and disabled adapted vehicles. ORA rents these vehicles directly to customers from one day to one year, helping uses avoid the long commitments and significant costs associated with long term-leasing or purchasing…
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The logo of Emma Way Associates

Emma Way Associates

Emma Way Associates provide bespoke case management and expert witness services for those who have sustained a spinal cord injury, amputation or serious orthopaedic injury, whose life is never the same again. Our highly experienced and specialist team of expert case managers and expert witnesses remain at the forefront of their area of clinical expertise,…
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The logo of Circle Case Management

Circle Case Management

Circle Case Management offer Case Management, Expert Witness, Mental Capacity Assessments and HR Services including Direct employment. Our multi-award-winning team of Case Managers, Expert Witnesses and Mental Capacity Assessors are hand selected throughout England and Wales for their experience, expertise and values. Our business is based around our core values of honesty, excellence, collaboration and…
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The logo of Premex+


Premex+ is the leading provider of medico-legal reports for serious injury, clinical negligence, industrial disease and other complex cases including major traumas.

Services available: Nationwide throughout England & Wales
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The logo of Think Therapy 1st

Think Therapy 1st

Think Therapy 1st is dedicated to delivering exceptional rehabilitation through a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist’s (SROT). Individuals with physical, psychological, cognitive difficulties and complex injuries and have benefited from our support to regain or maintain independence in their daily living, school or work and leisure skills. Our approach is…
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The logo of ben holden ltd

Ben Holden Ltd

Ben Holden Ltd is a specialist case management and rehabilitation company, which was established in 2009. Ben Holden Ltd provides case management for adults (and children with spinal cord injuries), neurological occupational therapy treatment and vocational rehabilitation.
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DisabilityPlus Complex Care Counselling Services

DisabilityPlus is here to make a difference for everyone involved in an accident or injury. We Provide High-Quality Counselling with a Large Team of Therapists. Our Counsellors, Psychologists & Psychotherapists Specialise in the client’s selected disability or Injury & in most cases, have the same or similar disability. Our team have, in most cases, the…
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The logo of Chase de Vere Personal Injury & Court of Protection

Chase de Vere Personal Injury & Court of Protection

Chase de Vere Personal Injury & Court of Protection are an established team of experienced, Independent Financial Advisers advising clients throughout England and Wales. We are experts in providing a variety services to court of protection and personal injury & clinical negligence practitioners and their clients.

Services available: Nationwide throughout England & Wales
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Cowan Architects Expert Witness Team

Cowan Architects has over 36 years of architectural experience, spanning a variety of sectors for both public and private clients. Resulting from our specialisms in the Residential and Healthcare sectors, we have a division of Architects who act as Expert Witnesses in the High Court preparing reports detailing the accommodation needs of Claimants who have…
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Support at home

Carers and services who support people in their own homes.

Case Managers

Case Managers co-ordinate the services required to meet an injured person’s health, care, social, educational and employment needs.

Charities & Support groups

Charities and support groups for people who have sustained major trauma injuries.

Holidays, Travel and leisure

Travel agents, insurance, accessible holiday facilities (in the UK and overseas), and leisure & sporting activities for people with disabilities.

Residential rehabilitation

Rehabilitation facilities in the UK who can facilitate rehabilitation for people with major trauma injuries.

Therapies & Rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation services including vocational rehabilitation as well as professionals (individuals and companies) who can assess the needs of people with complex injuries and support their care and rehabilitation with a range of therapies.

A brighter future

Specialist support on the many financial and legal issues arising from your injuries and affecting your recovery. Our legal experts work on providing the best outcome from any compensation claim to aid your rehabilitation.

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