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Therapies & Rehabilitation services

Rehabilitation services including vocational rehabilitation as well as professionals (individuals and companies) who can assess the needs of people with complex injuries and support their care and rehabilitation with a range of therapies.
The logo of Enable Therapy Services

Enable Therapy Services

Enable Therapy Services is a national, independent Rehabilitation and Case Management provider. We are ISO 9001:2015, providing peace of mind regarding the high levels of treatment we provide. We have award winning Case Managers and a network of Occupational Therapists specialising in Major Trauma across the UK to provide local face to face assessments and…
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The logo of Think Therapy 1st

Think Therapy 1st

Think Therapy 1st is dedicated to delivering exceptional rehabilitation through a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist’s (SROT). Individuals with physical, psychological, cognitive difficulties and complex injuries and have benefited from our support to regain or maintain independence in their daily living, school or work and leisure skills. Our approach is…
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The logo of Retraining Pain

Retraining Pain

Retraining Pain are a therapy provider, passionate about the rehabilitation and empowerment of individuals living with persistent pain.  Implementing the latest contemporary pain science in to our approach, the team at Retraining Pain aim to optimise function and quality of life reducing the physical, emotional and social impact of pain.  If you struggle to find…
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The logo of Swift Prosthetics

Swift Prosthetics

At Swift Prosthetics we are committed to providing the highest standards of independent, private prosthetic care nationwide. We use innovative design and advanced technologies to offer unique prosthetic, and orthotic, solutions to support our clients’ journey. We offer a caring and personable approach and are dedicated to providing the highest standards of bespoke prosthetic care.…
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The logo of ben holden ltd

Ben Holden Ltd

Ben Holden Ltd is a specialist case management and rehabilitation company, which was established in 2009. Ben Holden Ltd provides case management for adults (and children with spinal cord injuries), neurological occupational therapy treatment and vocational rehabilitation.
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The logo for PsychWorks Associates

PsychWorks Associates

We are a unique psychological service offering trauma-informed case management and litigation-informed treating psychology, solely to serious and catastrophically injured clients.

Services available: East Midlands, West Midlands, London, South East England & South West England
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Remedy Healthcare

Remedy Healthcare is a specialist rehabilitation provider focusing on complex trauma and musculo-skeletal injuries. Our model of rehabilitation was created to ensure early intervention, expert clinical care, collaborative working and continuity of care throughout the recovery pathway. We offer assessment clinics and community-based programmes for individuals located in the South East of England in addition…
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The logo of Everyday Living Therapy

Everyday Living Therapy

Everyday Living Therapy is a Specialist Occupational Therapy practice focusing on rehabilitation of patients with acquired brain injuries, vocational rehabilitation and rehabilitation of patients with disabling conditions. Our therapists are skilled in the assessment and treatment of individuals with neurological conditions. We focus on supporting our clients on being as independent as possible and improving…
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Specialist Nutrition Rehab

Specialist Nutrition Rehab offers private, community-based nutrition and dietetic services for adults with a brain injury, spinal cord injury, orthopaedic injury or cerebral palsy.  We also specialise in helping individuals with taste and/or smell loss. Our dietitians offer both home visits and video appointments to clients throughout the UK. We strive to offer the most…
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There’s a reason why Corporé won the Major Loss Award, Case Manager of the Year and Case Manager Supporter of the Year in 2021. We are committed to providing care and support to those following an accident. We believe in an inclusive approach to rehabilitation, following a goal focused process to achieve the best possible…
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The logo of HCML Rehabilitation Solutions


HCML supports individuals who have experienced major trauma through personal injury to achieve maximum independence and enjoyment of life. Through our clinical case management, we help people access appropriate specialist rehabilitation, to enable them to achieve their goals and make a sustained recovery from serious injury. Our specialist rehabilitation case managers bring extensive clinical knowledge…
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The logo of Mind Right

Mind Right

Mind Right works with insurers, solicitors, and rehabilitation providers to deliver a psychological treatment service that, for the first time, not only delivers excellent treatment standards and outcomes for the client, but is truly mindful of the ongoing legal processes and distinct needs of the other stakeholders involved in the case. We delight all customers…
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The logo of BIS Services

BIS Services

As specialised providers of cognitive rehabilitation and support services in the community, our aim is to maximise function in our clients who are living with a brain injury or neurological illness.

Services available: Nationwide throughout England
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Bridge Case Management

Bridge Case Management provides case managers throughout England and Wales. We are a team of nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. We work with lawyers and insurers and advocate proactive rehabilitation plans that support our clients. We work closely together as a team, providing support and supervision to ensure that our clients get the best possible…
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STEPS Rehabilitation

STEPS Rehabilitation deliver intensive and ongoing rehabilitation for people recovering from brain injury, spinal cord injury, strokes and complex trauma injuries, enabling them to reach their full potential and to rebuild their lives. This unique rehabilitation facility delivers high-quality care from a interdisciplinary team of medical and rehabilitation specialists. The purpose-built, architecturally ground-breaking premises in…
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The logo of Physio4You


Physio4You is the home of NeuroPhysio, TraumaPhysio & PaedsPhysio. We provide empowering rehabilitation that is life-changing and achieves real-world results. We are a leading rehabilitation company specialising in high-quality domiciliary physiotherapy services. Our dedicated teams offer neurological, orthopaedic (including following amputation) and children’s physiotherapy in Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, North London, North-West London, East London and…
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KT Healthcare

We are a family run private specialist therapy company. We believe in building relationships with our clients and their families as well as providing high quality therapy. We believe all adults and children should have the opportunity to the right therapy so they can flourish with their families and friends and be a valued part…
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The logo of STEPS Prosthetics

STEPS Prosthetics

At STEPS Prosthetics we understand that every client is unique, not just in terms of their injury but also in terms of the functionality that they want to achieve from their prosthetic limb or orthotic device. Many of our clients have suffered life-changing injuries as a result of a road traffic collision or a catastrophic…
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Dorset Orthopaedic

STRIVE FOR BETTER. It’s not just our slogan; it’s our way of seeing the world. It’s the driving force behind our history, philosophy and innovation and is why we have achieved a worldwide reputation for excellence. As an independent provider of prosthetic, orthotic, silicone and rehabilitation services, we pride ourselves in continually seeking to understand…
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The logo of Chroma


“Realising Potential Through Creativity” is why Chroma is the UK’s leading provider of creative arts therapies services for neurorehabilitation and post-trauma clients. Because the brain has a natural and automatic responsiveness to music, we can music as a treatment modality within neurorehabilitation, for example by using rhythm to support functional movement, or melody as a…
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Support at home

Carers and services who support people in their own homes.

Case Managers

Case Managers co-ordinate the services required to meet an injured person’s health, care, social, educational and employment needs.

Charities & Support groups

Charities and support groups for people who have sustained major trauma injuries.

Holidays, Travel and leisure

Travel agents, insurance, accessible holiday facilities (in the UK and overseas), and leisure & sporting activities for people with disabilities.

Residential rehabilitation

Rehabilitation facilities in the UK who can facilitate rehabilitation for people with major trauma injuries.

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Business services for Businesses who work with clients who have sustained major trauma injuries.

A brighter future

Specialist support on the many financial and legal issues arising from your injuries and affecting your recovery. Our legal experts work on providing the best outcome from any compensation claim to aid your rehabilitation.

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