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The UK’s leading provider of independent case management

3HUB offers referrers direct access to a wide selection of highly experienced, specialist, independent case managers who work at competitive rates both in the UK and worldwide.

We are a unique, collaborative, client centred case management community.  We deliver safe, expert, care and rehabilitation to clients who have had life-changing injuries.

The 3HUB Community model offers independent case managers membership of a structured and well-governed case management community of fully qualified healthcare professionals, clinical resources and a wealth of experience to ensure your client seamlessly accesses the care and rehabilitation they need.

Why Choose Us

You are in control.

From referral to selection of your case manager you have full access to the case managers’ CVs and can communicate directly with them.  There are no company gatekeepers which gives you and your client total choice to find the right match for their needs.

Our Credentials

Experience & Expertise

All the case managers within the 3HUB community are regulated healthcare professionals and have a minimum of 5 years post qualifying experience, maintain membership of their professional bodies and a case management association to ensure professional standards and best practice guidelines are upheld.


The 3HUB network of support means that 3HUB community case managers share their expertise, resources and experience to help your client access the right support to make a difference to their lives.


A growing number of our case managers are registering with CQC.  All of our clinical templates, policies and processes comply with the requirements of CQC and best practice.

We have implemented rigorous governance structures to ensure compliance with CQC standards.  Our community members are professionally supported through regular supervision and peer governance group meetings.

Case Management Services You Can Trust

Our Case managers are all regulated health care professionals who comply with due diligence protocols which include agreed standards and timeframes. 

We provide Initial Needs Assessments (INA’s) and ongoing case management with Adults and Children who may be experiencing some of the following:

  • Brain Injury
  • Birth Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Multiple traumatic injury
  • Complex orthopaedic injuries
  • Challenging Behaviours
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

We will aim to:

  • Complete the Initial Needs Assessment (INA) client visit within 7 working days.
  • Complete the INA report within 10 working days of the initial INA client visit.
  • Provide summarised updates and progress reports as required.

3HUB Ltd provide services in:

Services provided by 3HUB Ltd

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  • Specialists in Catastrophic Injury Assessments

    All of our case managers are experienced clinicians.

    3HUB Case Managers act pre-emptively to improve trauma patient/client experience and outcomes. They work hard to be an advocate for clients early on and recognise the key importance of liaising effectively with NHS and Social Care Services as early as possible on the client journey.

  • HR and Payroll Support

    We provide dedicated HR and Payroll Support for our case managers so they have ready access to all the expertise needed to support direct employment of care/support teams.

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It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

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A brighter future

Specialist support on the many financial and legal issues arising from your injuries and affecting your recovery. Our legal experts work on providing the best outcome from any compensation claim to aid your rehabilitation.
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