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Bridge Case Management provides case managers throughout England and Wales. We are a team of nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

We work with lawyers and insurers and advocate proactive rehabilitation plans that support our clients. We work closely together as a team, providing support and supervision to ensure that our clients get the best possible rehabilitation and outcomes. Our case managers have good outcomes at the centre of their work, our clients always come first.

Our main area of work is major orthopaedic trauma, including amputations, chronic pain and psychological injuries.

We partner with the best providers available in our clients’ local areas. We also make best use of technology, including therapeutic devices and virtual communication.

We receive referrals from both lawyers and defendants. We work on both joint and single instruction cases.

We always aim to provide our INAs within 5-7 working days from receipt of referral.

Bridge Case Management provide services in:

Services provided by Bridge Case Management

An employee working from a wheelchair at a height adjusted control platform illustrating the reasonable adjustments required when returning to work from major trauma injuries
  • Immediate Needs Assessments

    Following receipt of referral one of our case managers will visit within a week. We go through details of the injuries and subsequent treatment to date. We advise the client on our next steps and go through the recommendations we will make in our reports. The reports will be with the parties within 2-4 days of the meetings.
  • Case Managed Rehabilitation

    Following the Immediate Needs Assessment, Bridge uses a formula to ensure that all our cases are managed proactively and within any authorisation restrictions. Our team receive excellent training on all aspects of personal injury law and understand our role in that process.

Testimonials for Bridge Case Management

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  • Multi-trauma mechanic returns to work

    A young mail mechanic was involved in a motorbike accident as a pillion passenger. The accident caused the death of his best friend and he was left with injuries to all four limbs, including brachial plexus injuries.

    Through providing intensive therapy in his local area, and vocational support, we were able to help him return to work. He started on a graded return to work doing administrative tasks for an extended period, prior to returning to his full duties as a mechanic over the following year.

  • Company director returns to full duties, and cycling with his family

    A hands-on company director for a firm that installs sprinkler systems, sustained serious injuries to his pelvis, right knee, left hand and right shoulder. His job involved inspections on-site and using ladders daily.

    His rehabilitation plan focussed on returning him to best possible physical fitness so that he could complete as many of these duties as possible. However, we also looked at skills his company needed so that he could do more training and grow his team.

    He was also determined to return to cycling with his family. His knee injury meant that he would never have full bend in his knee unless he had a knee replacement, which due to his age he was advised against, which meant he was unable to cycle normally. We sourced an adaptation for his bicycle, which he was able to maintain himself as it was so simple, and he has enjoyed cycling ever since. Indeed, he still updates us on how he is getting on with cycling.

  • Severe hand injured client

    This gentleman lost two of his fingers in an accident at work. There were no surgical options to improve the function of his hand, and due to the severity of the amputation he was not appropriate for any functional prosthetics. He had severe psychological trauma as a result and needed a lot of therapeutic involvement.

    The MDT for this gentleman involved the prosthetists who provided him with high quality silicon prostheses. A prosthetics specialist occupational therapist also worked with him, alongside the psychologist to support him back into the community doing activities he had been avoiding. They also liaised with Bridge and the client's employers regularly regarding a suitable return to work and how this should be handled.

    We also had a specialist hand therapist visit him regularly, who liaised with Bridge and the surgical team to ensure that we got the best functional outcome.

    The client returned to work full time within a year of his accident.

  • Amputee biker returns to riding

    A client was referred to us after 4 years of struggling and a decision to amputate below the knee. He was living in a tiny home with his wife and two children, there was no room for a wheelchair to get around.

    Bridge has helped this client move to a bungalow with plenty of space to get around and to do his rehabilitation.

    He has returned to riding an adapted motorbike with a specialist limb. He has had a car adapted for riding with his left leg. He has started to work part time, but most importantly he is now able to care for his wife who has struggled to care for him over the last four years due to own health problems.

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It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

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