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About British Biker Relief Foundation

What BBRF do and why – by Andy Arscott, Founder

It was the end of the summer of 2011, and the roads were still full.

The southwest of the UK, where I live, had had its fair share of motorcycle accidents across the year, but then in the space of just 5 weeks there was a spate of 6 serious motorcycle accidents, 3 of them fatal and all within a 20-mile radius of my home.

Across the next few months, it became apparent that there was very little support for either rider or family in the short or long term. Government financial support could take months, ongoing medical support, although amazing, was minimal and dealing with the legal system was incredibly stressful and drawn out.

One of the riders didn’t have life insurance, the funeral was minimal through necessity, the family couldn’t pay their rent, his bank accounts were frozen and all this on top of losing their loved one.

I started looking on the internet, initially just out of interest, to see what support was available and to my shock and surprise, I found there was nothing out there for family or rider to help them through. I just thought this was wrong and at that moment, the idea of the British Biker Relief Foundation (BBRF) was born.

At that time, I didn’t know where to start but I knew what I wanted to achieve. To support motorcyclists and their families across the UK after serious motorcycle collisions and fatalities. It sounds simple but it became apparent very quickly that just offering one type of support, be that financial or emotional wouldn’t be enough, as everyone’s experience and needs are completely unique to them.

So, I decided there and then that the charity would be arranged to always consider every genuine request for assistance to best support their personal needs.

Across the years and with the help of our support members, volunteers and small but incredibly dedicated team running the organisation, we’ve been able to help 1000’s of individuals and families.

The ways we’ve helped have been varied, including:

  • some friendly advice,
  • providing mobility aids and wheelchairs,
  • home and garden conversions,
  • vehicles and adaptations to those vehicles,
  • children’s books,
  • helping deal with loss,
  • small grants,
  • funeral assistance,
  • physiotherapy,
  • school clothes,
  • respite holidays,
  • putting people in contact with qualified and passionate motorcycle orientated lawyers like the Major Trauma Group,
  • and all-important counselling for adults and children.

Through all these things and more, the BBRF have been here to help whenever we can.

BBRF Biker Support, its just what we do.

BBRF Founder Andy Arscott at Land’s End

British Biker Relief Foundation provide services in:

British Biker Relief Foundation

You may see our BBRF stands at rallies and events across the UK. We're at the heart of the biker community to provide for the biker community.

The BBRF stand at Thunder in the Glen

British Biker Relief Foundation cuddly toys

British Biker Relief Foundation cuddly toys

Wheelchairs ready to deliver to supported members

BBRF member patch

Services provided by British Biker Relief Foundation

Major Trauma Group can provide legal support to motorcyclists and their families who have been involved in a motorbike collision and suffered serious injury.

  • Legal support for a compensation claim through Major Trauma Group

    If the collision was someone else’s fault, it doesn’t make sense that you take the burden for the financial consequences of your injuries.

    Major Trauma Group has solicitor members throughout the UK who are specialists at compensation claims for motorcyclists. Their experience and expertise in dealing with complex injuries involves a focus on specialist rehabilitation at the earliest possible opportunity, providing the injured person with the best possible outcome.

  • Charitable assistance from BBRF

    Financial support for things including:

    • children’s books,
    • small grants for things like travel expenses back and forth to hospital or appointments,
    • funeral assistance,
    • physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions,
    • school clothes,
    • respite holidays,
  • Emotional support with BBRF

    The emotional and psychological trauma that follows physical trauma can be difficult to heal.

    At BBRF we have helped from providing some friendly advice, to all-important counselling for adults and children helping them deal with loss.

  • Bike, home and travel adaptations

    The implications of injuries don't mean that people have to stop doing the things they love, in the places they enjoy. Instead adaptations can be made to assist with things like:

    • providing mobility aids and wheelchairs
    • home and garden conversions
    • vehicles and adaptations to those vehicles

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It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

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Contact British Biker Relief Foundation

BBRF HQ, Unit 4, Yelverton Business Park, Crapstone, Yelverton, Devon, PL20 7PE

British Biker Relief Foundation provide services (in):

Andy Arscott
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Major Trauma Group can provide legal advice and assistance with...

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Specialist support on the many financial and legal issues arising from your injuries and affecting your recovery. Our legal experts work on providing the best outcome from any compensation claim to aid your rehabilitation.
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