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There’s a reason why Corporé won the Major Loss Award, Case Manager of the Year and Case Manager Supporter of the Year in 2021.

We are committed to providing care and support to those following an accident. We believe in an inclusive approach to rehabilitation, following a goal focused process to achieve the best possible outcomes for injured parties, combining digital tools and treatments to generate a holistic recovery. Optimum recovery for the injured party can only be truly achieved with open communication and transparency from all individuals involved in the rehabilitation process. That’s why our Case Managers oversee the full treatment procedure, focusing on the facts of the claim, whilst monitoring and reporting to all relevant parties. We believe that Together We’re Better. Together we can deliver professional, client focused services that provide optimum recovery.

Established in 1998, Corporé is one of the UK’s independent, leading providers of rehabilitation case management services. We have supported over 200,000 people back to their optimum recovery using our wide range of clinical Case Managers.

We maintain a high-quality standard with our accreditations. These include Quality Management ISO 9001, Information Security Management ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus and Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001. We are now also registered and therefore regulated by the CQC. We can confidently offer a professional service to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Our mission is to provide a seamless, tailored service with total confidence and transparency from our team of industry experts.

The principles we follow are that rehabilitation must be applied in a clinically appropriate manner, offering a claimant centred, goal focused approach to enable quicker recovery to function.

Our Case Managers are trusted experts with an extensive background in clinical experience gained through the NHS, private sectors and community setting work. This includes: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Nursing. They are experienced in working with the injured party and all other relevant individuals to ensure the claim is handled correctly and fairly.

We have a clinical, not commercial focus to our rehabilitation case management, making us an unbiased, trustworthy partner for restoring health to the injured party. Our team is made up of field and virtual case managers situated all over the UK to help with cases from minor to catastrophic. This geographical flexibility and breadth of experience means we can provide the most appropriate expert for the case to reach the best outcomes.

To ensure our Case Managers continue to administer to a high-quality standard, we offer regular Continuous Professional Development to keep them updated on their field of expertise, and expand their knowledge in other clinical areas. Our Case Managers are also members of CMSUK and many are members of other accredited bodies, such as BABICM, to maintain a high quality standard of service.

We are a professional, unbiased, clinical partner able to offer expert, tailor-made rehabilitation across a range of cases, working together with all relevant individuals to gain the best possible outcomes following an accident.

Corpore provide services in:

Services provided by Corpore

An employee working from a wheelchair at a height adjusted control platform illustrating the reasonable adjustments required when returning to work from major trauma injuries
  • Rehabilitation Case Management

    Our main service, coordinating case managers to assess, monitor and issue required expert treatment, reporting all findings and progress. Within this service, we oversee Multi-Trauma cases, supporting individuals who have suffered multiple injuries. We also manage Catastrophic cases, organising rehabilitation for those with life-changing injuries to obtain optimum recovery.
  • Incident Rehabilitation Services

    This specialised service supports individuals who have suffered psychological, emotional and physical effects of trauma following a major incident, whether directly or close witnesses. Our Case Managers get involved as early as possible following a major trauma to build a relationship and start the rehabilitation process for improved recovery.
  • Treatment Services

    Our sister company, The Treatment Network, delivers quality-assured, nationwide treatment services for many different injuries. Thousands of experts throughout the UK, who follow a Clinical Governance framework to confirm their clinical quality, are saved on the database, readily available for clinical intervention. Case Managers can easily refer treatments through this service.
  • Assessment Services

    Assessments are used throughout the rehabilitation process by Case Managers to understand barriers to recovery and set goals. These assessments include Vocational, Worksite, Ergonomic and Wellbeing Assessments, Functional Capacity Evaluations and Activities of Daily Living. Detailed reports are created and communicated from these assessments to determine the progress to recovery.

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  • Severe Spinal Injury Rehabilitation

    45-year-old male sustained severe cervical spinal cord lesion and fractured C5/6 vertebrae, losing motor activity below C4/5 level and impaired sensory activity below C4.

    With injuries that caused permanent disability, appropriate rehabilitation was imperative to our client’s recovery.

    Our Case Manager worked closely with multi-disciplinary teams to ensure full support was provided to the injured party, liaising with physiotherapists, tissue vitality nurses, occupational therapists, dieticians, and community teams to encourage a successful return to independence.

    Suitable home adaptations were made, whilst obtaining specialist driving equipment to achieve his goals of returning to independent living and driving.

  • Multi-Fragmentary Fracture Case Management

    A male sustained multi-fragmentary fractures in his right arm and plexus. With no function in his right arm, there was suggestion of amputation.

    Our elected Case Manager supported the injured party at every step of their rehabilitation. This included liaising with prosthetics centres, consulting with orthopaedic specialists for knee replacement surgery and agreeing modifications to his job to enable return to work.

    Adaptations were made to the injured male’s home and management advice provided, empowering a return to independence. Due to this, amputation was declined, with the injured party capable to return to daily living activities and a modified job.

  • Uncovering the Undiagnosed: Psychological Symptoms Identified and Treated

    Our female client suffered severe a multi-trauma injury after injuring her knee, shoulder and head in a factory accident. Due to her head injuries, she demonstrated cognitive impairment, raising psychological concerns. Upon assessment, it was revealed that as well as her physical injuries, she also showed signs of Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS).

    The client was provided physiotherapy for her physical injuries, from which she made an 80% recovery with self-management tips, and specialist Neuro Occupational Therapy and CBT to alleviate PCS and psychological symptoms.

    A full physical recovery was made, with significant improvement in mood and cognitive abilities identified, boosting self-confidence.

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It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

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