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About Cowan Architects Expert Witness Team

Cowan Architects has over 36 years of architectural experience, spanning a variety of sectors for both public and private clients.

Resulting from our specialisms in the Residential and Healthcare sectors, we have a division of Architects who act as Expert Witnesses in the High Court preparing reports detailing the accommodation needs of Claimants who have suffered life-changing injuries. As a practice, we receive appointments from both the Claimant and Defendant. This entails visiting Claimants in their homes, assessing their current and future housing needs together with the adaptations needed to make their current or future home fully accessible.

Cowan Architects has also worked with Claimants after the settlement of their case, using our expertise to find, assess, design and deliver accommodation to meet the Claimant’s specific needs. Over the years we have successfully completed many private home adaptations for people with disabilities, as well as new-build properties for people with learning and physical difficulties. We work closely with other Experts such as Occupational Therapists, Care Specialists, Assistive Technologists and Clinicians to ensure that the appropriate home environment is provided.

Cowan Architects Expert Witness Team provide services in:

Cowan Architects Expert Witness Team

Services provided by Cowan Architects Expert Witness Team

An Expert Witness meets with a client to understand their needs in preparing an Accommodation Report

  • Accommodation Reports

    As Expert Witnesses, we prepare reports on the accommodation needs of people who have suffered injury or trauma and who are seeking compensation.

    As Accommodation Experts, we assess first-hand the scale and nature of the Claimant's needs and use this information to provide an impartial and unbiased report for the Court.

  • Property Search & Suitability Reports

    Following a major injury, a new home may be needed which can be hard to find. We work with our client and team to identify a number of potential properties in an area. After, we can prepare a suitability report that assesses the chosen property in more detail and provides a budget costing for the adaptations needed.
  • Designing Accessible Homes

    We offer architectural services to design and deliver bespoke home adaptations. We design on the basis that fully inclusive, accessible homes can still meet all the client’s needs without having to have an institutional look or feel.

    Our homes are uplifting, easy to use and offer flexible space – a home for everyone.

Testimonials for Cowan Architects Expert Witness Team

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    The client’s son has asymmetrical quadriplegic cerebral palsy. We proposed a scheme of internal alteration and adaptation in a new house to meet their son’s requirements, both now and in the future.

    Two garages were converted into the boy’s Therapy Room, Toilet/Changing area (both with specifically controlled underfloor heating) and Carer’s accommodation. The ground floor space was created to be more open-plan and easily accessible.

    A lift was installed in the Therapy Room directly into his bedroom above. Hoist and tracking facilities were installed in areas the boy would regularly use. CCTV was incorporated throughout for total 24 hour care and a porch extension provided sheltered transfers from the car.


    Our client was diagnosed with steroid induced glaucoma which resulted in loss of sight in the right eye and limited vision in the left. Our intentions were to make subtle changes to the property that would enhance her day to day living but also not impede from her coping in an un-adapted environment.

    All good principles of visually impaired design were employed throughout the project. These included the redesign of the kitchen to meet her needs, altering the lighting throughout to avoid glare, providing appropriate flooring to avoid slipping, handrails to both sides of stairs, low level access shower and colour contrasting D-shaped door handles.


    The family of a severely disabled child wanted their chalet extended to provide easily accessible ground floor accommodation and facilities.

    A three-bay garage, with rooms in the roof was the ideal conversion space with a large roof light, windows and bi-folding/sliding doors for accessibility. We also proposed building an extension to house a 6 x 3m indoor hydrotherapy pool with a wet room with specialist bath and shower facilities off the pool room along with a separate carer’s suite. Another interesting feature was the provision of a 3-step, internal staircase that mechanically converted to a ramp to ease access for everyone over two levels.


    A family bought a large bungalow in North London for their severely disabled son but the change in layout that was not conducive to wheelchair access and the child’s care needs.

    We planned an extra floor for the family sleeping and bathroom facilities to leave leaving space on the ground floor for the son’s accommodation needs. The house was updated and modernised throughout working with the client’s Occupational Therapist and Court Deputy to provide care facilities, a therapy room, refurbished swimming pool and a dry transfer facility from the car to the house.

Housing adaptations for accessible, functional and beautiful rooms

Accessible living should still be beautiful

A well designed, accessible kitchen

Hydrotherapy pools can be beneficial

An adapted bathroom can still be stylish

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It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

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