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About Dignity Access WashPod


The Temporary Disabled Wetroom Range

WashPod is a unique range of rentable, accessible, temporary wetrooms that are modular and designed for the newly disabled by a team of architects who specialise in designing spaces for accessible living. The internal specifications can be tailored to meet any individual needs.

The larger models are fully compliant and all the units can be installed within a day or two, quickly and easily, either ‘bolted on’ to a property externally or erected internally in a spare room or even in the corner of a bedroom.

Their modularity means that they are self-contained, requiring no adaptations to the property except from connections to the water and waste supply, which is easily accommodated. This is great for rental properties where the WashPod can be quickly removed and the property easily left as it was found.

We believe that WashPod is unsurpassed by any alternative as it is designed by architects and professionals who have decades of experience in accessible design, adaptations and modular concepts.

WashPod Benefits

  • On-site within 1– 4 weeks; installation in 1– 3 days
  • Minimum disruption – therefore less stress
  • ‘Plug and Play’ for quick installation – water supplies and drainage do not need to be in the same room
  • A choice of six models to suit most space requirements
  • All units are modular and can be carried in sections through the front door of the house to access difficult spaces
  • High quality products used to avoid breakdowns
  • High functionality specification
  • Low threshold entrance
  • Stay at home in a safe environment in familiar surroundings
A collage of an External Compact WashPod
A collage of an External Compact WashPod

WashPod Costs

Costs can vary depending on the final specification and specific needs of an individual but rental rates are from as little as £180—£415 a week. In addition, there is an installation and removal charge and a deposit is required.

The WashPod Installation Process


  • Assess floor plan and images to ascertain the viability
  • Establish locations of the existing bathroom and kitchen for connection to services
  • Face-time call from the client’s house
  • If it’s a complicated survey, we will do a physical site survey

Connection to the Services

  • When we connect into the existing hot and cold water system, we may have to drill holes into the property walls internally and externally but they are 15 mm diameter x 2
  • We connect the waste from the macerator using micro bore technology requiring 32 mm diameter hole to the kitchen waste or existing bathroom waste
  • A 13amp electrical socket is all that is required
  • The Saniflo is a commercial macerator with a 10m head capacity we can pump 150m in distance

Installation Day

  • Typically requires just two men 4 hours to install and handover
  • All products fit through a standard doorway
  • Only small hand tools are used to assemble so very little noise
  • No chemicals are used during the installation process
  • The workings of the WashPod are explained and a signed handover is completed.

Removal and Make Good

  • We fill in any holes created by connection to services
  • Tidy up and take away any rubbish
  • Extremely positive, unsolicited testimonials on our service throughout

Dignity Access WashPod provide services in:

An Internal Compact WashPod in a living room before and after

Services provided by Dignity Access WashPod

The Internal Compact WashPod in a client's conservatory

  • Internal Compact WashPod

    Great for when space is at a premium. It can be installed in a spare room with the versatile addition of a platform to gain wheelchair turning circle or removal of a ramp on one side for tight installations. Panels can be re-configured to different orientations and it can be installed in 1 day.
  • Internal Micro WashPod

    Designed for the most limited spaces such as an existing bedroom or even utility rooms (1.5m L x 1.2m W x 2.0m H plus ramp). It's bi-fold doors allow carer access from outside if needed and it only takes half a day to install.
  • External Compact WashPod

    Highly insulated, waterproof outer case with electric underfloor heating and heated towel rail to maintain minimum temperature at 25°C if required. Same additional benefits as the internal version but can also be installed in 1 day.
  • Internal Standard WashPod

    Fits into medium room or double garage with sufficient room for carer and wheelchairs. Hoist can be fitted and it is full compliant. Installation in 1 day.
  • External Large WashPod

    Fits on patio, drive or in the garden. Sufficient room for 2 carers, trollies and wheelchairs. Hoist can be fitted. Highly insulated, waterproof outer case with internal hot water tank and pressurised shower unit. Electric, underfloor heating and heated towel rail. Installation in 2-3 days. Fully compliant.
  • Internal Large WashPod

    Fits into a large room or spacious double garage. Sufficient room for 2 carers, trollies and wheelchairs. Hoist can be fitted. Installation in 2 – 3 days. Fully compliant.

Testimonials for Dignity Access WashPod

Read Case Studies from Dignity Access WashPod

  • WashPod gets young man home from hospital

    Having spent 4½ months in hospital, after being hit by a car leaving him with life changing injuries, 21 year old Luke wanted nothing more than to go home but the house had no accessible bathroom facilities.

    “Luke was trying to come to terms with his situation and the last thing he needed was to have to shower with the garden hose” said his mother.

    She discovered the WashPod from Dignity Access online and was thrilled.

    “I am so pleased with our WashPod as it’s given Luke so much independence and dignity at a difficult time”.

  • WashPod helped Mum home for Christmas

    A WashPod has been key in helping to reunite a mum with her family for her first Christmas at home in several years.

    After a hernia repair with complications, Kate was completely paralysed on her left side and confined to a wheelchair.

    It has taken two years involving clinical negligence litigation to allow a new house to be found that is suitable for adaptations, a through-lift and carers. The WashPod has been chosen to provide an interim washing solution that allowed Kate home for Christmas.

    “The WashPod team even stayed into the night to get it done in a day for us” said partner, Mike.

  • WashPod is a life changer for Sheffield Mum

    Jessica, a mother from Sheffield, called her new WashPod disabled wetroom, ‘a life changer’ for her and her little daughter, Isabella. The internal WashPod was installed into the family’s garage in just a day, but it will allow them to stay in their rental home just as long as they want while they build a new home that’s adapted to Isabella’s growing needs.

    Isabella, 5 years old, is but severely brain-damaged, blind and has cerebral palsy. She has been non-mobile from birth, relies on a wheelchair and care for all her needs.

    “It had come to the point when carrying her up and downstairs was beginning to get dangerous so something had to change” says Jessica. “I heard about WashPod from another family so now we can keep Isabella on the ground floor which is safer and more manageable”.

  • WashPod gives OT a cost-effective solution in rental property

    A wheelchair user in Leicestershire is benefiting from the rapid and cost-effective installation of a Compact WashPod, mobile, disabled wetroom which was installed into their new rental accommodation, making the OT really happy.

    Eleanor Hales, Occupational Therapist at Sherwood Therapy Services, oversaw the project. “We’re all thrilled because it was only three weeks from finding the property and getting the go-ahead and the installation. The WashPod is a perfect solution as it means that we haven’t had to wait for costly adaptations. Neither will we have to make good at the end of the rental period - so a double saving”.

WashPods in Clients' homes

An Internal Standard WashPod

A Large External being erected on a driveway

A Large External WashPod

A Large Internal WashPod for a child with an ocean scene vinyl cover

Installation of an Internal Standard WashPod

A timelapse video for the erection of an internal WashPod unit in a customer’s spare reception room to allow a partner home from hospital who had become disabled.

It is easy to erect in a couple of days with minimum disruption to the house and can be dismantled as easily when no longer needed.

Installation of an External Standard WashPod

This video shows a timeframe installation of an external WashPod in the garden of a customer.

It can be erected in just a couple of days to provide a fully accessible disabled bathroom to keep a family member at home who may be elderly and/or disabled. If needed, adjoining lobbies can be constructed to link the pod to the house.

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It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

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