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Everyday Living Therapy is a Specialist Occupational Therapy practice focusing on rehabilitation of patients with acquired brain injuries, vocational rehabilitation and rehabilitation of patients with disabling conditions.

Our therapists are skilled in the assessment and treatment of individuals with neurological conditions. We focus on supporting our clients on being as independent as possible and improving their quality of life.

Everyday Living Therapy has a broad range of specialist skills at its fingertips and over 16 years of rehabilitation experience, working across private, statutory health and social care sectors.

It is our ethos to be holistic. Therefore, to support us and help our clients achieve their aspired therapy goals we actively encourage involvement from friends, relatives, carers and other health professionals.

Everyday Living Therapy believes in and understands the benefits of using purposeful cognitive strategies alongside everyday living tasks, to support people regardless of their illness or disability.

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Services provided by Everyday Living Therapy

An employee working from a wheelchair at a height adjusted control platform illustrating the reasonable adjustments required when returning to work from major trauma injuries

Comprehensive Neuro Specialist Occupational Therapy Assessments

Our assessment takes into account the holistic needs of our clients, from their difficulties with basic activities of daily living right through to re-establishing roles, routines and responsibilities.

  • Cognitive assessments for functional difficulties such as driving, cooking, working

    We have a variety of standardised and non-standardised methods of understanding an individual’s problem that may be associated with memory, attention and thinking skills. The tools that we use within our practice are selected based on the specific needs of our clients, rather than completed as part of a process.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation through the use of purposeful activity

    Individuals thrive on learning through doing. As such, our team of therapists use this approach throughout their work, homing in on the things that are most meaningful to that particular client.
  • Enhance quality of life, by exploring hobbies and interests

    We take the time to get to know the individuals we work with so that we can incorporate their interests and focus as integral elements to their rehabilitation process. We use every day functional based tasks and activity, grading and adjusting tasks depending on the client’s ability.
  • Integration into your local community

    Being in and/or feeling part of your community following injury can be a daunting experience. As part of our team’s approach, we are ready to support our clients to relearn, rehearse and develop to help build confidence. Particularly regarding road safety, personal safety awareness, orientation and integrating the use of cognitive strategies when in the community.
  • Energy conservation and fatigue management strategies

    Understanding the impact of fatigue on function often forms part of an individual’s rehabilitation process. Our team of occupational therapists are equipped to help clients form a better balance of activities to gain an improved quality of life.
  • Return to work advice and support

    Returning to work following injury or prolonged ill health can feel overwhelming, often individuals feel at a loss when attempting to navigate back to work. Our team are highly skilled and equipped to support employees and employers find their route back to work.

Testimonials for Everyday Living Therapy

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  • Helping client back to work

    We were asked to meet with Client 1 to provide a professional view on his capability to work. A brain injury as a child had left conditions such cognitive issues and cortical blindness making day to day life very limited and frustrating as he was reliant on others for large proportions of the day.

    Through education in modern communication devices using voice recognition controls he was able to change his role and become the person who helped other people for a change when using modern IOS systems. An improvement in mood and independence led to him being able to run a small online business.

  • Bridging gap between NHS and Community Rehab

    Word of mouth led Client 2 our way for support when leaving the hospital after a long-standing neurological diagnosis, and recent surgery for the removal of a tumour on the spine.

    Our role was to bridge the gap between the NHS hospital and community rehabilitation services, stopping the need for further inpatient treatment.

    Not only were we able to allow the client to continue their rehabilitation in their home environment, we were also involved in the planning and organising of the discharge process. This involved training carers in the use of equipment designed to improve the client’s mobility and ensuring the client would be cared for in the correct way.

  • Helped client back to running a business

    After a significant fall and multiple orthopaedic injuries we were asked to support Client 3 with equipment provision and assist with the return to work process.

    Our assessment made it clear that on-going physical and functional limitations meant the client would require a considerable amount of rehabilitation before a return to work was possible.

    Over a few years, our team worked alongside his case manager and physiotherapist to work towards the final goal, and although there were several complications and setbacks along the way Client 3 now runs his own business and, importantly, is enjoying his work.

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It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

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