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Healing touch rehab

Healing Touch Rehab is a specialist rehabilitation service for children and adults with neurological injuries. Our expert team have substantial practical experience and specialist knowledge in creating bespoke rehab plan for individual’s with neurological injuries. We offer assessment, treatment and recommendation relating to client’s short term and long term rehabilitation needs.

We are recognised as a trusted partner by many of the UK’s leading Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence and Court of Protection law firms and we act on behalf of your client to provide targeted multidisciplinary rehabilitation services.

Working collectively with clients and their wider team, we deliver creative and logical solutions to their rehab needs. Ongoing rehabilitation is essential through the transitional phase as a child grows to an adult. Our evidence-based, hands-on treatment and management approach for individuals with additional needs are designed to offer continuity, promote progress and help clients to be as independent and functional as they aspire to be within the confines of their disability.

Our clinicians are industry lead in long term postural management and evidence based treatment in management of scoliosis and hip dislocation in clients with ABI and spinal injuries.

We cover a large geographical area for clients based around Leeds, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire & Humberside, Lancashire, Lincolnshire and Cheshire.

We appreciate our clients may have mobility restrictions and will always consider how to make consultations and treatments as convenient, time optimised and pain-free as possible. Community-based rehabilitation and integration back into the community is the key to any successful rehabilitation. Besides the benefit of a familiar environment and the discipline of following treatment plans within their own setting , the community-based treatment enables the client to stay motivated while involving their family and friends.

Our services

Children’s Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Speech and Language Therapy

Therapy for children is completely different to that for adults. Children, in their developing stage, grow constantly and there are significant changes in their musculoskeletal, cognitive system, speech and language development throughout their growth spurt. Therefore treatment for these growing bodies requires specialist knowledge and experience.
Our paediatric specialists are trained and skilled at working with children with additional needs in a very friendly environment, keeping them motivated and making the sessions fun.

Brain Injury and Spinal Injury multidisciplinary Rehab

We provide dedicated brain rehabilitation and spinal injury multidisciplinary rehabilitation physiotherapy and therapeutic approach directed at improving the body’s functional ability and enhancing the potential for healing in physical, functional, cognitive and emotional health. With a team of caring specialists, we offer high standard evidence based treatment understanding the intricacies of each client’s unique journey.

Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise based therapy programme that is designed to reduce the symptoms of disequilibrium by promoting central nervous system compensation in associated vestibular pathology. Vestibular rehabilitation is an alternative treatment involving specific exercises that can eliminate or significantly reduce symptoms by promoting central nervous system compensation for inner-ear deficits. We are industry experts in assessment and management of vestibular associated symptoms following ABI or any other organic cause.

Respiratory Physiotherapy

Our professional team understands that neurological conditions can often result in respiratory challenges, including breathlessness and compromised pulmonary function. Our clinical experts are here to help those with respiratory problems with tailored pulmonary treatment and therapy services. Whether they are living with conditions that affect their breathing system or looking to enhance their overall respiratory health, the treatment techniques our clinicians use will alleviate symptoms and ensure an improvement of the quality of life of the patient.

Seating and Postural Assessment

24 hour posture care management is a gentle, non-invasive way to promote health and quality of life for people with motor impairments. We use standardised assessment like Goldsmith indices of body Symmetry assessment to inform postural planning suitable for clients for their seating , day and night time. Maintaining symmetry not only safeguards internal capacity of the abdomen and thorax but also defends function of the internal organs and longevity. The assessment provides a global measure of body symmetry and an objective of this review will identify and compare the level of distortions and any recorded progress.

As a part of the service, we also act as expert witnesses for clinical evidence in personal injury and clinical negligence cases for the process of proceedings.

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Healing touch rehab

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

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