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Physio4You is the home of NeuroPhysio, TraumaPhysio & PaedsPhysio.

We provide empowering rehabilitation that is life-changing and achieves real-world results.

We are a leading rehabilitation company specialising in high-quality domiciliary physiotherapy services. Our dedicated teams offer neurological, orthopaedic (including following amputation) and children’s physiotherapy in Hertfordshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, North London, North-West London, East London and Dorset. Physio4You is however a growing team so please do contact us to confirm our availability outside of these areas.

At Physio4You, we go above and beyond to provide expert assessments, personalised rehabilitation plans, and life-changing treatment that sets the industry standard. Our physiotherapy team has extensive experience in the medico-legal sector and is recognized for delivering thorough assessments and client-centred therapy that is goal-oriented, aspirational, pragmatic, and tailored to each individual’s specific needs.

Working ‘beyond the clinic’ is a central pillar of Physio4You’s approach. This doesn’t mean that every consultation is spent on a mountain bike or a climbing wall, but we do seek to always have the client’s ultimate goal in mind, no matter what it is or where it may take us.

A person with an above knee amputation prosthetic cycling
Cycling can be a great activity after amputation

For some this may mean adopting a more traditional, sequential approach to ‘building them up’, so that they have the physical and emotional capability to reach their goal. For others we strongly believe that the activity that they seek to do should be used as the vehicle to deliver their rehab.

Physio4You provide services in:

Physio4You use activities as part of treatment

Adaptive sport at Physio4You illustrated by a man in a wheelchair playing basketball

Adaptive sport following spinal cord injury is a great way to build confidence

Physio4You activites

We use activities as part of treatment programmes, rather than as an outcome from rehabilitation

Services provided by Physio4You

Physio4You work anywhere in the community

Physio4You work anywhere in the community

  • NeuroPhysio

    NeuroPhysio focus on dynamic, functional rehabilitation and provide comprehensive assessments and ongoing treatment that produces lasting, meaningful results.

    We empower our clients to be aspirational about their recovery and the life they can lead.

    NeuroPhysio help people with acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, vestibular dysfunction, and other neurological disorders.

  • TraumaPhysio

    TraumaPhysio provide bespoke rehabilitation based on personal and injury characteristics which optimises outcomes and ultimately leads to a return to pre-injury activities, work, sport, and interests.

    We help people following complex orthopaedic injuries, upper and lower limb amputation, following planned surgery, ligamentous injuries, degloving and joint replacements.

  • PaedsPhysio

    At PaedsPhysio we empower children and young people who have developmental problems, experienced catastrophic injuries or complex trauma to actively participate in their recovery.

    We understand the importance of clear communication and building strong relationships with the child and their family to maximize their outcome in often challenging circumstances.

Testimonials for Physio4You

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  • London to Brighton after amputation

    Chris was only months after a below knee amputation when he announced his goal of completing the London to Brighton bike ride. Despite this being early in his recovery this was an critically empowering moment for him and a benchmark in his rehabilitation journey.

    Sometimes our role is to support people to take risks when it matters to them and our TraumaPhysio team worked hard in collaboration with a Prosthetic company to improve his mechanics and develop his strength and endurance.

    We were all delighted (and a little relieved) when the message came through that he had completed the full ride with his work colleagues!

  • Family friendly physio for babies

    Olly is a remarkable little boy who defied the odds. Born prematurely at just 25 weeks gestation, he faced a challenging postnatal period and spent a gruelling 8 months in hospital. It was during this time that he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy dystonia.

    Our PaedsPhysio team provided the support that Olly and his family needed to navigate their new circumstances. Our team worked closely with them to introduce them to specialised equipment and treatments that would empower him to reach his full potential.

    One major milestone was when he progressed to using a walker, which brought him immense joy and a newfound sense of independence.

  • Adaptive sport following a spinal cord injury

    Ben was a keen sportsman prior to becoming paraplegic, but lacked the strength and endurance to play adaptive sports and had lost his confidence to get back out into the community.

    Our NeuroPhysio team worked with him in his home initially, then at a local gym and finally on an outdoor court to equip him with the physical ability and motivation to get back to playing basketball. Supporting him play basketball with his children is one of our favourite treatment sessions.

    He's now also an accomplished swimmer and continues to make great progress.

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The logo of Physio4You

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

It's not easy...

We know moving forward after major trauma can be difficult.

We're here to help you gain a better outcome by providing the expert legal advice you and your family deserve.

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